I wasn't actually a gifted student I was just depressed

Straight boys are so confident in their liking women as if that's isn't the coldest take ever

Oh fuck I'm actually the only consistent GM in my friend group

D&d canceled 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Hey when are we actually gonna free the nipple?

Me, a GM: *absolutely butchers my session, spends the whole time fucking around and not crafting anything close to a satisfying story*
My players: Good session I had fun :)

Be kind to yourself. Get the right needle for what you're doing. Don't be like me

I remember one time in primary school my class was told to sit on these benches. All the girls sat on one side and all the boys and me sat on the other. I was never cis

Do you ever think about how pvp is always on in real life?

Combat in d&d is overrated. I'm in a game where I will talk my way out of every fight and I've gotten ridiculously good at it

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I left on YouTube "TV for cats" and when I got home my cat had been radicalized by qanon.

In ttrpgs I understand the disappointment that comes with pc death but for me the real disappointment is not getting a substantial arch for that character. It's a real shame to die to some random monster before any of my backstory has come up ever


Grimes' tattoo looks shit lol

Why is it that whenever I dress nice people think I'm a woman?

I would be goth but I'm bad at eyeliner


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