@kai I'm usually fine up until the flagship, but I still haven't worked out how to beat it

All these years and I still haven't won FTL

@benkramer I think it's fine for a GM but now I've done it as a player

Last week I fudged my dice role for the first time as a player. For this I'd like to apologise to you all, since I can't apologise to my party

I finished the things I wanted to do and now I'm once again wandering aimlessly through life

@benkramer I very frequently have to remind someone of the distinction between ttrpg, larp and hema

I've been thinking a lot about time economy in ttrpg sessions and large groups tend to have a lot of memes and jokes, and are very busy with everyone trying to get a word in. It's fun and it's good for new players who wanna take a backseat but it doesn't exactly lead to gameplay with a lot of depth. When your players are good at taking initiative and interacting smartly with the environment giving them more time to talk is awesome

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From my experience if you have great players a really good party size is 2

Should I get forklift certified for the meme?

I'm finally getting sorta good at sewing

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@lrhodes Maybe I'll give that a go again. I tried some text adventures a while ago, notably Hitchhiker's Guide, and I found them pretty fun

I know this is a huge ask but I want more video games to require me to take my own physical notes like the Myst games did. I'm so tired of menus just listing the information I've gotten

I wasn't actually a gifted student I was just depressed

Straight boys are so confident in their liking women as if that's isn't the coldest take ever

Oh fuck I'm actually the only consistent GM in my friend group

D&d canceled 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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