Just finished another nouveau #commission. Enjoyed working on this one a lot! Curly hair and flowy dresses are my weakness. <3
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Gender is like Pokémon: fake, widely enjoyed, sometimes you hide them away in little balls, sometimes they evolve, often times people make them fight eachother, you can feed them little treats if you want, some people go out collecting them, others just have one or two, you usually get your first one from your parents or someone in a lab coat, kids your age teach you how to use them, they can kill you if you're not careful

I want to write something, my hands are so itchy to just be kept moving. But I need a dash of inspiration. Give me a prompt; I’d like to see if I can run with it, if possible.

The Brute
The Scarlet Robed
The Fallen Knight
The Blood-touched
The Warlord of Chaos
The Fanged Beast

These are the six souls bound to enter the dungeons of Murder Gate, to seek the Crown of Corruption and bend its foul will to their own.

At times they are allies…other times they are foes.

Only one can claim the crown…

Who dares to take up the helm of each avatar and enter…


(Original art by Billy Blue)

I CAN SEE IT! I'm giggling like a proverbial schoolgirl over the simple cosmic happenstance of our moon passing through our world's shadow. Never seen one directly before. And I get to share this with my son!

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it's free, but if you want to toss me $3 i'd appreciate it. It's built on caltrop core by @titanomachyRPG and @vidityavoleti was kind enough to read over it.

it's about being trans, but it's also about wanting something that feels impossible.

Looks like the Fudge RPG Discord server disappeared. Anyone have any insight on what happened?

Hoping to use this space as a place to have authentic connection about a lot of cool stuff, instead of yelling into the ether and inevitably coming off as preachy.

Particularly interested in spec bio, molecular genetics, knowledge mobilization, music, and storytelling (especially in a performing arts context). I'm not a game designer, but am pretty good at play testing and bouncing ideas around.

This thought brought to you by my fiance and I wondering why it's always teens chosen to come save kingdoms from evil sorcerer's. If you want the kingdom free of an invading evil army, magically teleport in some moms!

"What are you talking about 'slay the dragon' I don't do heroin anymore and I have to pick my kids up at three!"

"Hold the line you scaberous dogs, I have laundry to get folded and I don't have time to deal with your cowardly retreat!"

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"Hun, I get it, the king is a prick but you're taking it out on his people, not him. Why don't we just poison the king, let your daughter marry the prince and I can get home to my own two kids."

"Orcs will be orcs is no excuse for this kind of behavior young man! Now, kindly go fix that fence you and your hoard knocked down and help the farmer find those sheep. I don't want to hear an apology until that's done."

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Hivemind of #mastodon #superheroes...

Ideas for naming a Poison ivy-esque character with a flower theme (orchids in particular) and a separate form that's more Swamp Thing in appearance

A pokemon clone for people whose favourite pokemon was Missingno 

Mutamon is an ongoing project to recreate the excitement of discovering new pokemon in long grass by using an evolutionary simulation to generate endlessly varied digital monsters, shaped by natural selection in the virtual environment.

Players are limited to exploring their own immediate area which contains a limited set of environments that monsters can live in. Players catching monsters and then connecting to other players to trade and battle creates temporary bridges between populations to allow the flow of individuals and further spur on evolutionary growth. The ongoing design challenge of creating Mutamon is the merging of the evolutionary simulation with fun and natural feeling exploration and battling for the player.

You can find Mutamon on itch.

It’s kind of absurd that this bundle is priced at just $5. I bumped my payment up to a multiple of that. I encourage you to do the same if you can afford to.

Damage will probably be in degrees of stress/wound linked to degrees of success. A degree of success will probably be something like every +3 or +4 over target number. Need to sit down with some dice and a friend with a good mind to determine that for sure.

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So if you're physically beaten up, then go into a debate, your wounds would possibly affect your ability to argue, but losing would "take you out" socially rather than physically. Likewise, if you're hella stressed, a wound could "take you out" physically as you're too freaked to compensate.

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To add on to my thread from earlier:

I'm considering using "negative facets" to represent damage and stress, which would be used just as normal facets, just halfway inverse (penalties to you when applicable). Characters could take a certain number (say, 5 total) and whatever was the final "hit" would determine how the character is "taken out".

If you’ve wasted electricity on fake money and suddenly want to put all that compute power to something of actual value… consider folding@home

#makecryptomeancryptographyagain #maybegodosomescienceinstead

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