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The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept cheering and voting for the axe. Because its handle was made of wood, and they thought it was one of them.

New game! Fists of Fury is about out of control teenage martial artists. It's full of drama and emotion, together with cool martial arts fights. If you would like a game where you kiss your lover in the aftermath of a fist fight with them, this game is for you.

Fists of Fury is currently available only to Black Armada patrons. As a patron you get new releases for a mere $5. Right now you get Fists AND The Ironwood Code, a Microscope hack about secret history.

USPOL, ugly 

@JoshuaACNewman It's about fucking time somebody brought some charges of some kind on him. How long has it been?

@LeviKornelsen Skipping your turn to inspire a tile seems like a huge telegraph. What if you could use the inspired move, but *then* had to skip a turn?

@PaulCzege And probably really up their own arse about capitalism.

@lumpley My friend, the period from 2020-now has been a hell of a century.

@EvlynMoreau I adore them! I really like the Eastern European feel I get from the names.

Sketch of 2 pregens out of 6 for Where the Wheat Grows Tall.
I will make them available as a PDF with their character sheets once I finish them.

@twwombat I think of that as cratering -- smashing bottom so hard you dig out a hole in the substrata. Never fun. Hope you can get some good rest soon.

Things autism research could be about:

- How does autism radar work?
- Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn to accomodate the people we're talking to?
- What can be done to prevent and treat autistic burnout?
- What even *is* autistic burnout exactly?
- What effects does masking have on your mental health?
- What autistic traits are actually traits of autism, and which ones are trauma responses?
- How is a non-traumatized autistic brain work?
- How can we better accomodate autistic people?

What autism research is about:
- How do we make the autistic people stop existing?

Anyone know of a site that is like that leaves out or has options to mute all the NFT/Crypto stuff?
I've loved that site for years and years, but NFTs are taking over that site just like the others.
Would be amazing if they just offered a no NFT/crypto list or something.
Thanks for any you might have discovered!
Boosts welcome!

@deinol My dad bought Forbidden Planet on VHS back in the mid 1980s. "Wanna see something cool?" he asked. Spaceships? Robots? Lasers? Heck yeah, I wanted to see it.

I almost wore that VHS tape out. Still one of my favorite sci-fi flicks.

Today’s afternoon cinema. Forbidden Planet.

Leslie Nielsen is a great starship captain. Would have been awesome to see him in classic trek.

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