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Re: homophobes 

Now there's bigots reducing gayness to impulses, desires & behaviors and saying we shouldn't identify with baseness. That's not it. Being gay means you only get romantic/sexual/relationship fulfillment (a.k.a. a happy life) with the same sex. Having pride in that is important because these people keep telling us to hate ourselves and how our minds and bodies work.

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Re: homophobes 

Oppressing one's orientation or queerness isn't a valid lifestyle. The implication that self-denial is a virtuous (correct) way of life keeps coming from zealots who don't actually give a damn about us. With the new consensus that being gay isn't a choice it's now the follow-through that's a choice. Y'know, living as your true self & all.

It's not a "deeply held belief," it's not valuable or virtuous, it's dogma that's harmful, bigoted & homophobic. We don't tolerate intolerance.

This is, unfortunately, as far as I have gotten. I've spent literal years chewing on and discarding various models for opposition, combat and damage/stress. I would prefer to have a more Fate-like stress/resilience model than numerical "hit points", but I can't seem to settle on particular methods or numbers. I feel like it shouldn't be this hard, but there it is.

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Now to mechanical concepts. The dice used will be 2d6, but with a special caveat: the dice will be read as z5s: 0 to 5, rather than 1 to 6. (6s read as 0s, or if you wish,2d6-2.)

Cores will generally rate 0-6, with a rating of "general competence" expected at a 2. Facets will generally rate 1-3. Higher values can be expected in "epic" or "superhero" games.

Base TNs will be generated from expected "average" rolls of 10 + 2 (Core) + 2 (two applicable +1 Facets) for a basic "normal" difficulty.

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Facets will also have numerical ratings indicating their "weight" in the character's story as well as the world around the character.

When making a roll, all applicable Facets will be added to the most applicable Core, to which the roll will be added and compared to the target number. Facets do not need to be paid for or "invoked" to use them -- they are integral to the character's being. Similarly, they can be used against the character without granting benefits or costing the GM.

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In this manner, a piece of equipment can have as much meaning as a mentor, a military rank, a campaign experience or a code of conduct, depending on how important it is to the character's concept and identity. This means a "magic sword" becomes as much a part of a grizzled warrior's story as his time in the King's army, or his best friend who saved his life, or his oath to the King.

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Each Core will have a numerical rating, representing a summary of the character's experience with and commitment to the Core's ideas. The Cores are not meant to be mutually exclusive -- they are complementary, meant to be blended in different ratios.

"Surrounding" the cores are Facets. These are representations of more individual aspects of a character's identity -- a combination of skills, equipment, social positions, intimacies and Fate Aspects.

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Charaters will be built around three Cores, which as in WyRM are iconic archetypes central to the game's concepts. A fantasy game could very well use Warrior, Rogue and Mage as its cores, as in the original WR&M (GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!). A Star Trek-inspired space game could use Command, Science and Operations as its Cores.

The Cores are not classes, but archetypal summations of approach, similar to FAE's Approaches.

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Okay, the Great Audrey's Personal Core Engine Thread. Let us begin.

My primary influences are two: @LordStargazer 's magnificent WyRM system, and Evil Hat's Fate system (primarily the Fate Accelerated incarnation).

The goal is to be simple and flexible, to allow for simple, intuitive rulings rather than trying to codify everything I can think of. (This is not a comment on new vs. old school, just ease of use for myself going forward.)

Would anybody be interested in a thread where I lay out the admittedly paltry skeleton of the personal core engine I've been trying to put together for so long?

@PaulCzege Incidentally, good sir, I have only ever read your name, not heard it spoken aloud. Might I respectfully inquire how it is pronounced?

RT @Caudill4Council
3 high schools in Jeffco are planning walk outs in support of abortion rights. Retweet to elevate youth voice!

Thanks to @PaulCzege I now know that there are almost 1200 images released by Studio Ghibli for free use, barring some sort of “unreasonable” standard!

Do I need to write a game incorporating Porco Rosso and Nausicäa all into one RPG?

Turn and Towns Like Ours have been added to the already magnificent charity bundle, RPGs for Reproductive Justice, on DriveThruRPG! SO many awesome games at a really reasonable price for an essential, vital cause!

Intro post! I'm Lauren, dark fantasy & horror artist.

My commissioned work is typically book covers and interiors, but I want to focus back on my personal art.

I've been so disconnected from social media for years but this place feels like an Olden Times art network. Fingers crossed!

#introduction #fantasy #horror #art #painting

It's the 2-year anniversary of pretty much the scariest day of my life, when I finally came out as trans to my wife. I'd known since December (or since I was 11, you know how these things are), but that's when I suppose I actually started transitioning.

Happy Transiversary, me!

@AudreyWinter I made my first unboxing video with them. I hope the mic is able to pick up my voice with the strange dialect.

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