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Last toot addendum:

Key word there is "Reveal". No one in Stardust Crusaders had mentioned anything even REMOTELY similar to "You let yourself go limp on purpose to concentrate your power in your fingers", but apparently that's how it works, and Star Platinum can focus all of its destructive power into one tiny part of its body at once.

And then it only comes up a few more times, mostly discarded for new bizarre reveals.


Right now my main idea is a Basic Move that in pseudo-rules is like this:

When you reveal how one of your powers could potentially help your current situation, Roll +FLEX
7-9: Your power works and you gain fictional positioning to take advantage of it, take +1 Forward to act on it soon.
10: As 7-9 but +1 Ongoing instead

I like it, but my immediate thought is "What happens when you try that again?" Is that usage permanently part of your powers trappings? If so, how to track that?

"Crazy Noisy Bizarre World", JoJo based AW Hack - Quick morning thought.

I want a core part of the game to be the give and take between you and the MC about what exactly your powers can do. The playbooks will have certain definitions, "Your ripple can pierce objects, your stand can heal wounds" but other things will stretch those definitions.


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game jam concept: one month long, make a game that makes you feel how you feel when you think about fallout new vegas

Cont'd, Crazy Noisy Bizarre World, a JoJo AW hack. Stats! (placeholder names)

FORCE, raw strength of your abilities (ripple, stand, vampirism).

FLEX, adaptability. Key to bullshitting new powers and/or new uses for them.

CANNY, foresight and preparedness. Often retroactive to declare off-screen or hidden prep.

PLUCK, perseverance and determination.

PANACHE, action with words. Describe how powerful your allies are, how weak your enemies are, ask someone how many breads they've eaten.

More chat because at least one person seemed interested.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with serials filed off, or "Crazy Noisy Bizarre World".

I don't see a reason to break from the amount of stats in Apocalypse World, and even found myself coming up with stats that were roughly analogous.

This may just be a starting point, but when planning moves and playbooks I am trying to think of what I want the basic uses of a stat to be as well as a playbook that uses that stat primarily.


Hey here's an idea, maybe if I talk about a project here I might actually work on it.
Hypothetically if I were working on a hack to emulate JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
1.) Should I be lame and call it "Bizarre World", or should I be dope as hell and call it "Crazy Noisy Bizarre World"
2.) I hemmed and hawed about naming stats, but there's one I am 100% sure is concrete and perfect: "Pluck" as the Cool analogue. Just persevering through adversity through pure determination.

I wonder how mad my players would be for my upcoming The Sprawl game if I just suddenly had magic reawaken like goddamn Shadowrun.

I would want to ask ahead of time, but I also love blindsiding players.

Thinking of having my players for a Monster of the Week game keep their own notes and force them to rely on themselves more for remembering NPCS, locations, clues, etc.

Now all I'm thinking about is having the notebooks be in-game material, as in whatever they write down is what their character wrote down. And then I'd steal the notebooks to write in them as other characters, without their knowledge. This is such a niche scenario that has become my obsession.

Let's talk about GAMES.
Currently playing:
-Star Wars: Force and Destiny (Rebels with sort of a cause)
-D&D 4e (Dark Sun, which means of course I'm gonna be a sick ass bug man)

Currently Running:
-13th Age (Some guy just killed an Icon, that can't be good)
-The Sprawl (If we could make it out of character creation that'd be swell)
-Monster of the Week (once the star wars games ends, that is)

Tell me about your games, or ask me about mine, or don't do either I'm not the police.

I'm a huge nerd who just wants to find other like-minded weirdos to endlessly talk about games and stuff.

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