The Trashkin session last night went well, even if the turnout was less than expected. We also sorta forgot the "kin" part and played the characters as fully animal, but rolled with it and still had plenty of fun.

Finished prepping for a Trashkin one-shot for tomorrow evening. Mostly by setting up a simplified player-facing document and noting a couple house rules.

"Submit your entries for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest between now and May 1st."

PSA: Don't film laser tattoo removals unless you too want to fry a $2,200 camera #dpreview #photography

I tweeted about a new type of stream I wanted to do:

I wanna do a once-a-week brief stream where I take submissions for recognition in games, for anything, from good RP to releasing a game to anything else, Basically I want to make a form where people send in requests for recognizing their friends and colleagues, & announce them.

Totally backing this one. OBACHAN PANIC! RPG Zine. "An RPG about neurotic aunties who save the world—and look good doing it."

Kinda itching to try running the "Trophy" by Jesse Ross. I've heard it's great with three players, and best with just two. (Plus GM, of course.)

Listened to the latest The Farrier's Bellows this morning, and Psi*Run sounds like a tight, interesting little system. Enough so that I felt compelled to order a copy.

CW: spiders "Larry Porter" kit? Nah, that's a #Lego forest #RPG encounter. Show more

Back in August I wrote this, thinking about the Forge and how it had such a significant impact on me growing up, how there isn't really a dedicated space for indie RPG development anymore, musing about how I might approach something like the Forge nowadays. It's where I first started thinking about RPG cooperatives.

Today I registered the domain name

Would anyone be willing to test a little paper-and-pencil game and give me your impressions? It's a short horror game for one player, and it shouldn't take more than a half hour to assemble and play. You'll need access to a printer.

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Game night at the house tonight. Hoping to sneak in a quick one-shot RPG if there's interest.

So Instagram is going to start pushing IGTV junk into the main feed. Time to start looking for a @PixelFed instance to join.

«The "adventure" then is not the narrative the player-characters flow through towards an inevitable climax and resolution, but the procession of problems, challenges, etc. they face; the decisions and deliberations they make about what to do about each problem or challenge; and the procedures they enact as part of those decisions, and the consequences of all the above interacting with one another. […] it is a playstyle that can be applied to almost any "roleplaying game"»

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