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I wrote a compilation of support tools for ttrpgs! it's also got thoughts from me on how support works, why we should do it, and how to do it effectively.

some of the tools are well known, some are less well known, some are tools I wrote just for it.


Looking forward to another Blades in the Dark game tonight!

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Hello hello. I am doing a daily project which I'm calling (hashtag)One_Card_RPG over at Twitter, where I make a mini-game that fits inside the preview image of Twitter every day. I started on Twitter since that's where a big part of the Korean RPG community is active. I wanted to start "normalizing" making things up.

I'll post the English copies of the One Card RPGs as a thread, starting with this post.

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RAINING DOWN from the VAULT of HEAVEN come words, staining with ink the upturned faces of all who look up in awe.

They tell all who can read that the time has arrived: The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE Kickstarter is alive and it roams the world between heaven and the Waters of the Underworld!


A quote from the Blades session last night:

"Wait, so what's our mission?"

"Oh, right right. Sorry. We got carried away trying to figure out how to weaponize your biology."

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I wrote a blog post explaining why I'm on Mastodon and not on Google+ any more – because @BenKramer reminded me of G+, I guess.

Also, my players enjoyed the TBH 2e game, and we may continue it further.

It's looking like it'll be a good month for gaming at my table. I had a TBH 2e game this past Friday, and I've got four BitD sessions scheduled with the first happening tonight.

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Final 24 hours of the Behind the Masc Zine Kickstarter! It's a filled with & that reenvision through the eyes of non-cisgender masculine creators! We're making
skins (Demi & ), an Trickster, &D 5th edition male Bacchae background & , an original game about the protector, & an audio-text about the Hero. If you like check this out & support marginalized creators! tinyurl.com/behindthemascKS

Finally got a session of TBH2e on the table tonight. Good times were had, though later and shorter than I'd hoped.

Well, the TBH2e playtest didn't happen due to lack of players. Kinda disheartened, but I'll keep trying.

So this Black Hack 2e beta document is looking pretty nice. Really looking forward to playing/running it sometime.

Two emails sent to my gaming group yesterday, and still not a single response. I love it.

Whatever, there's always video games.

Another great session of Blades in the Dark this evening, with another new player!

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Nice things in the mail from (at)wizardthieffighter. No. 26 of 53. instagram.com/p/BkxU5KsFAMF/

It just occurred to me that one of the reasons I love running Grant Hhowitt's The Witch is Dead is that I don't draw. But the people I GM for usually do, and I love seeing their character portraits.

I need to remember to be active on here more. News: I got a new laptop and set it up with , and I've been using some of my lunch time to work on a custom World of Dungeons rule set. (Not sure if it counts as a hack?)