It never struck me how absurd the Windows Update statement "Your PC Will Restart Several Times" was until I switched to #Linux.

What do YOU appreciate about Linux that you can't experience on Windows?

Backed Electric Bastionland when I launched, but only just got around to getting Into The Odd. These are both very good things.

Took the day off to relax, and work on some non-day-job stuff. First up: layout in Scribus.

Ugh... haven't run a game in ages. Need to fix that and get some practice in if I'm going to run a con game 1.5 months....

Quick break from the place photos for this lovely person photo.
🎞️: Portra 400 📷: Kiev-88 ⚗️:@oldschoollab

Running the final session of a 3-shot playtest tonight. In an effort to try out higher level characters, we're skipping forward in time a bit, so I tried out the Love Letter concept to catch them up and get some narrative input. This should be fun!

"Pro" tip: When playtesting an RPG, remember to use the rules how you actually wrote them.

Planted this little seed last night. I wonder if I'll ever see it again?

First of my haul arrived in the mail yesterday. is an interesting way of handling death in . Very cool!

In light of the She-Ra April fool's tweet, Mixie Quinn (mx_quinn on birdsite) has made her themed RPG available in beta!

I've just realized that playing rpgs and buying rpgs is two completely separate hobbies.

Uh oh... Last minute illness & cancellations are turning tonight's session into a one-shot night.

The Trashkin session last night went well, even if the turnout was less than expected. We also sorta forgot the "kin" part and played the characters as fully animal, but rolled with it and still had plenty of fun.

Finished prepping for a Trashkin one-shot for tomorrow evening. Mostly by setting up a simplified player-facing document and noting a couple house rules.

PSA: Don't film laser tattoo removals unless you too want to fry a $2,200 camera #dpreview #photography
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