Time to stream some ! Ghost of Tsushima later.

Grant Howitt + Chris Taylor's latest free Goblin Punks (Rule OKAY!) looks like a good time.

Have you ever run or played in an #rpg campaign in which there are no humans?

Tonight: quick workout, shower, some business, then some streaming. Not sure if Itch bundle games or Blender yet. I'll know by 6:15 EDT. Twitch.tv/photostyle

I need to try to get a game of Rogue Scroll / Swords Without Master going one of these days...

I seem to recall you'd been playing X4 recently? Was that on Linux?

Got my hands on the Electric Bastionland PDF.

It's an expensive month of RPG's for me... picked up Fate Condensed, backed the Trophy kickstarter, and just splurged to pre-order Mork Borg...

I need to schedule some games.

Passing this on for visibility, because it's a really cool game.

"The Trophy RPG Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE!

Stop by the page and download a FREE PDF collection so you can start playing Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold right away!"


Looking forward to that Kickstarter later this month...

It never struck me how absurd the Windows Update statement "Your PC Will Restart Several Times" was until I switched to #Linux.

What do YOU appreciate about Linux that you can't experience on Windows?

Backed Electric Bastionland when I launched, but only just got around to getting Into The Odd. These are both very good things.

Took the day off to relax, and work on some non-day-job stuff. First up: layout in Scribus.

Ugh... haven't run a game in ages. Need to fix that and get some practice in if I'm going to run a con game 1.5 months....

Quick break from the place photos for this lovely person photo.
🎞️: Portra 400 📷: Kiev-88 ⚗️:@oldschoollab


Running the final session of a 3-shot playtest tonight. In an effort to try out higher level characters, we're skipping forward in time a bit, so I tried out the Love Letter concept to catch them up and get some narrative input. This should be fun!

"Pro" tip: When playtesting an RPG, remember to use the rules how you actually wrote them.

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