Does anyone have questions about leadership and games for the Leading with Class stream this week, planned for Wednesday on Twitch? Put them here!

John is partway through the editing for Ethics & Morality, by the way! That'll come out soon.

Check out the if you haven't yet!

Since I've updated it this evening: Are you wondering where something is in the nearly 30 issues of The Gauntlet's "Codex" ? Look no further than this Table of Contents I've been maintaining:

A pleasant moment I had during this session: In pre-game chat time, the least experienced player asked about combat "So are you going to be trying to kill us?" I got to explain better my role as a GM being non-adversarial, etc. We talked about what's pre-planned vs made up on the spot, and other aspects of basing everything off the player and character inputs and actions.

Session 2 of TBH2e last night went very well. I think everyone understands how the combat works, they got up to some hi-jinks and made some life-threateningly bad choices, but in the end they all survived. We ended on a cliffhanger with one PC backed into a corner by a goatman wizard, while the rest of the party is just noticing it's presence from another room. (Don't wander off alone in a dungeon, y'know?)

Alright. Finally home from work, time to do pre-game prep for tomorrow night's TBH session. First up: review character sheets and add sticky notes. Later: write basics on combat on the whiteboard.


Hi all! Brie is planning to hop on stream around 12:30pm Eastern, but due to the holidays and their leave, we didn't solicit any questions.

Do you have any questions for today's stream? Reply here ASAP and Brie will try to respond to any received before 12:10pm Eastern.

It's a couple days late, but the TBH2e session last weekend went well. We finalized the characters, got the story started, and got into the basics of the game. The players came with a full spectrum of experience, from D&D 5e regular to "what's a wizard?" (That one will be a challenge.) Left off on a cliffhanger, and the start of what will be the first combat encounter. Looking forward to the next session!

(First session of the non-beta version, also first with this group.)

First session of THB2e on the books. Two players were completely new to RPGs and Fantasy. I think I did alright easing them into it? Hard to tell...

Alright, that's 2 full pages of TBH 2e GM reference created. Still to do: finalize house rules, prepare player cheat-sheet, cleanup play space, quick-prep some dungeon stuff and custom monsters.

Spent about 3 hours last night getting more Scribus experience, making a TBH 2e GM screen for this weekend. Learned a bit about styles and arranging elements. Got a full page done! Hopefully I can get one more done before the game on Sunday...

In a PWYW bundle for the Itch winter sale, it’s all 2 player ttrpgs and the other designers are all wonderful! Mine is a chess based game about two rival countries

Tomorrow around noontime I hope stream some of my work on Turn edits/clarifications at The biggest writing/desogn task I need to do is create detailed definitions for all of the bits and pieces, & that's what I plan to start tackling!

Also, a Turn update!

Please RT!

I'll keep saying it: the biggest thing we lost when the Forge ended was a space specifically set aside for indie games and game design. Indie defined as "wholly creator owned, controlled, and published".

We need to focus on a style of *production*, not styles of play.

I'm live on to answer your questions and poke at the schedule a little to see what to work on next, with an announcement about December plans.

The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c)
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

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