Okay Mastofam, I ran into a racial snag and need help.

So for my next RPG design (the anime-inspired game), I've commissioned a handful of character portraits to show off on Kickstarter later. I wanted to make sure they're not all white.

Thing is, one of the non-white chars is the smart tinkerer, but the prelim sketch came back looking basically like a car mechanic. Wouldn't it be pretty bad to make that character brown?

Advice appreciated, thanks!

My contract allows a few revisions, so I was thinking maybe upgrade the tech level in the costuming so that the overall vibe is less "grungy mechanic" and more "anachronistic tinkerer".



@JacobSKellogg I think showcasing fine or exotic tools, and a taste for precision and quality in dress and appearance could go a long way?

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