Inspired by Car Wars City Blocks years later, I made some tiles out of construction paper, scanned them in, and made the first Cars With Guns:

One of the projects that's at the top of my stack has me making low poly 3d models. Last night, I made 8 different blocks in Blender, most of which I'll probably discard and start over with.

Next step: importing the block models in to Unity and assembling a random city

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When I was early in my D&D explorations, I got a copy of "Dungeon Geomorphs" (Levels 1-3) probably for a birthday. This was a set of maps, printed on cardstock, that you were to cut out and use to assemble your own dungeon crawls.

Years later, when I got in to Car Wars, there were "Car Wars City Blocks", which were the same idea, but for post apocalyptic cityscapes.

One of the things I've been trying to get into my head recently is low poly modeling in Blender, which seems like a thing that, with practice, I could get to the point where I can make simple models for my own game needs. I've been watching a lot of Imphenzia's YouTube videos: Next skill for me: rigging and making simple animations, like a walk cycle. Maybe IK after that!

Welcome to the new!

The old instance broke, and the monitoring broke, so we didn't find out it was down until the last known-good version was outside our backup window.

Since our tech support is basically me messing around, it was unlikely we could recover.

So I've taken the opportunity to do this right and pay someone ( to handle all the technical side of things. Unfortunately that means we lost our history, but hopefully paying should mean we never have to do this again

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