I'm looking for a single webpage (or one page per class) that includes all the spells for a typical D&D-esque/OSR fantasy RPG.

Basically, if I were writing a simple fantasy tabletop RPG and wanted to give people an optional spell system, this is a page/site I could point people to and say "just pick your spells from here."

Does such a thing exist?

@BrentNewhall like the Dungeon World, or Pathfinder srd, or that Black Hack mix?

@BrentNewhall I don't know of one that has the spells + descriptions all on one page, but there's which at least organises the spells by class and level. You still have to click through to read the description and find if there are reactions, etc.

@klaatu Hmmmm, yeah. I'd love something easily printable, maybe by level.

@markrollsdice That's very cool! A little hard to navigate (what are the cleric 1st level spells?), but it's a great start.

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