Monday: Occult Owl

Occult owls are about twice the size of an ordinary owl. A strange third eye glows in the middle of an occult owl's forehead, leading to legends that magical researchers use them to store and recall obscure knowledge. Indeed, those who encounter occult owls often report hearing voices in their heads.

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Monday: Dryad Flower

The lovely manga Delicious in Dungeon features the monster I'm about to detail, and while your PCs can cook and eat a dryad flower after defeating it, just like the characters in the manga, they don't have to.

Dryad flowers are plant creatures that, upon defeat, explode in pollen that blinds and exhausts enemies.

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Friday: Sages of Twilight

The Sages of Twilight are a mysterious organization that collects only lore related to ancient civilizations. They seem particularly interested in societies that collapsed suddenly and violently. Perhaps they seek knowledge of what toppled them.

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There are also a few minor twists that come out of nowhere and left me feeling more confused than anything else (and unfortunately I'd have to get into pretty big spoilers to explain them).

However! I'd say the book is worth reading for the illustrations alone. Skim the text and enjoy the art.

Last night, I finished reading the beautiful "Above The Timberline", a lavishly illustrated novella, sort of an "adult picture book" set in a dieselpunk future but primarily taking place in the frozen tundra, with a pulp story of adventurers seeking a lost city. If you like leather jackets, shiny metal airplanes, Art Deco, and lots of chrome, the setting here is for you. Cover below.

(Plot review in next toot)

Monday: Crystal Wyrm

Last week, we created a gem mine that just so happens to sit on a ley line, which has the unfortunate propensity to breathe simple life into the crystals there. Miners now have to contend with crystalline monsters that range from annoyance to grave danger.

Today's monster sits squarely in the center of that spectrum: the crystal wyrm. Its lightning attack increases in intensity the more crystal wyrms are about.

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Monday: Crystal Wasp

Today's monster is a bit of a challenge. I want a tough creature that's size "tiny." It's hard to envision a dangerous, tiny creature that can only bite your feet.

Let's go nice and fantastical and create a crystalline creature. Imagine a precious gem mine that also sits on a ley line, which sometimes breathes life into the gems, turning them into insect-like creatures that flitter about the caves.

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Friday: Quinder and the Crystal Ball

Bit of a pun today: Quinder, a halfling, sells ice, and once a year he throws a party in an ice cave, his "Crystal Ball." He needs ice-themed artifacts for the party, but there may be nefarious goings-on.

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: Frost lizards don't challenge the PCs so much for their raw combat ability than for their ability to freeze their environment. They magically store cold in their body and release it on demand.

More details plus a D&D 5E stat block here:

Inspired by Xanathar's Guide to Everything, today's is inspired by the barbarian Path of the Zealot.

The towns along the Scarred Coast are buzzing with rumors of great deeds being done in the name of a new god. Travelers speak of what initially appears to be a rag-tag team of half a dozen. But when faced with monsters, they say a prayer in unison to a god named Trask and proceed to tear through their enemies in righteous fury....


Re: @ragnarockandroll turkey monster challenge, I'll go with a and stat up Satoris from 's "The Final Sacrifice"!

# Satoris #
HP 40, AC 14, Speed 30, Init +2
* Cultist's Cane: +5, 5 (1d6+2) bludgeoning damage plus 3 (1d6) psychic damage.
* Guttural Rambling: All enemies within 50 feet must make a DC 12 Wisdom save or be stunned 1 round.
* I'm On Fire!: Satoris is vulnerable to fire damage but his movement and other abilities are not affected if he's set on fire.

Quick review: 's Guide to Everything is a very useful set of tools for players and GMs, including background ideas ("What was your mentor like?"), tables of encounters by terrain, lists of names, etc. The new class options are generally fun, exciting, and fit well.

It's definitely useful for non players, too, though you should flip through it first to be sure it has stuff you don't already have.

I'll be happy to answer questions!

I'm currently 2 D&D 5E games, one with 6 friends and another with 2 coworkers.

I'm also a game of The Whispering Road tonight, probably attempting to achieve a Stranger Things storyline.

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