I was going to share a little video of the pocketmod, but it doesn't look like I can on Mastadon. Here it is on Twitter of you are curious: mobile.twitter.com/BrianBlooda

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This is not to dismiss the discussion around proceedures, they are hugely important and understanding the procedures you are using in your games, many of which aren't in rulebooks and can be internalised or unspoken, can massively affect the feel and function of any game.

If you think I've missed something please let me know.

My thoughts inspired by many conversations to be found following this link: mobile.twitter.com/idlecartula

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I'm reading all these blog posts which are describing procedures in RPGs. Maybe I'm not understanding something, or maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that everyone is overcomplicating this theory.

Play in RPGs alternates between:
1: Making shit up and sharing it through conversation so that we can all imagine and build on each others creations;
2: Using rules to determine what happens.

Procedures are, I think, simply the rules for when we move from 1 to 2 and back to 1.

"Have you been running your campaign for a while? I have some questions!"

2½ years later and I'm still curious.

The Orville is exactly how I would do a Star Trek RPG. I love Star Trek, I love the tropes, but I do not need to re-tell the Klingon stories, the Borg aren't scary anymore and all the Ferengi jokes have been told. So instead, let's do Star Trek but in a new universe, where we don't know what we will find past the second star to the right.

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It's great to see The Orville back on TV. S3E1 was some excellent Trek!

I shared this on Twitter yesterday and it resulted in zero controversy, so maybe it's actually a thing that everyone already knew?
To distract from monarchies and corrupt governments have a Thursday afternoon RPG hot take:

Fiction First is a useless term because basically every RPG is fiction first. Even in games with mechanics-heavy subsystems for combat or whatever, it's the fiction which triggers them.

Trying to find the simplest form for all the mechanics I want in an RPG:

Do Something (Act)
- Roll d6
- Is it a good idea? +2
- Are they skilled? +2
- 6+ Passes

Avoid Danger (React)
- Roll d6
- Were they prepared? +2
- 5+ Passes

When Hurt
- Increase Wounds by 1
- Roll d6
- If roll <= Wounds, then KO/Dead/incapacitated as appropriate

Since Mastodon has no equivalent of the Circles of Google+, we need other methods of finding like-minded people.

Here is a Google Sheet of users interested in #ttrpg . Add your own username if you want to connect to other tabletop role-playing gamers - and boost the list so that others can find it!

#dnd #pathfinder #callofcthulhu #pnpde

We had a great session of 13th Age tonight. We had, running around, fighting extra-dimensional starfish, traps, a riddle, a little bit of talking, weird dungeons and lots of falling onto lava.

A friend came round yesterday to show off his Mausritter box sets from the Kickstarter. I have to say they are gorgeous! Loads of nice art, solid card tokens for tactile inventory management, and eleven one-page adventures presented as A4 tri-fold GM screens. Great stuff. Especially if you are a fan of Into The Odd.

The two dice on the left are a twenty sided d10 marked for use as a d20 and a d24 for rolling d2, d4, d6, d8 and d12

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I pack a little travel kit with index cards (lined and dot grid), erasable pens (more durable than pencils), a dungeon generator deck of cards and 100 tiny d6 which fit on the 5mm grid of the cards.

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I've been showing off my RPG travel pack over on Discord, I thought I'd share here too.

Anyone here played or run Band of Blades? I've been flicking through it this evening and I love it's atmosphere. The way it defines it's PCs speaks to me as well. I don't have time to run it just now, but I'd certainly like to someday.

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