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Trying to find some creepy ambient music to put behind my voice on a podcast thing. Free music archive has a couple potential tracks, but they get busier then I would like. Does anyone have suggestions?

#freemusic #creativecommons #podcast

How to improve any rpg system : blend it with watership down.

Jedi Bunnies!
A warren accidentally digging into the underdark!
Post apocalyptic rabbits!

There is a game I love called Neptune's Pride. Free game, plays out as a really slow RTS, as in, takes 6-12 hours to send ships to attack someone. Very slow paced, check a couple times a day type of thing.However, as the popularity has fallen off, it is hard to find players that won't drop out quickly, so I figured I'd try to set up a Mastodon game of it. Is anyone interested?

#neptunespride #game #gameing

The committee of the Diana Jones Award has announced its five shortlisted nominees for 2018, 'for excellence in gaming'. They are:
* The 200 Word RPG Challenge, a competition organised by David Schirduan and Marshall Miller
* The Actual Play movement
* Analog Game Studies, a journal edited by Aaron Trammell, Evan Torner, Shelley Jones and Emma Leigh Waldron
* Charterstone, a board game by Jamey Stegmaier
* Harlem Unbound, a roleplaying game sourcebook by Chris Spivey

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Oh, this is neat:

Looks like HeroQuest is getting a System Reference Document (SRD) and will be released under the OGL:

Really pleased to see Chaosium open this system up as I think it has some potential.

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@Canageek @woozle As I recently noted on the Google Plusses, "Please at least once play in a diceless RPG like Amber. You will never again question the use of dice (or cards, or other randomizer). Chance turns out to be the difference between frustration and fun."

That said, I wrote SIX WORD RPG and some other minimal games, and they work fine with only the slightest cooperation between Referee and players.

@Canageek @Canageek
Yes, absolutely. No clone should die in a way that is less than hilarious.

@Canageek @Canageek Fun fact: if you take a die and roll it as many times as it has sides, there is around a 63.2% chance that you will roll at least one 1.

Randomization is important to RPGs as it adds risk. If I take a swing at someones face, I shouldn't know if it is going to hit before it lands. Likewise, even a persuasive person sometimes meets someone having a bad day, or reminds the persuadee or someone they don't like.

@Canageek OK here's an unpopular RPG opinion for ya. Minimal rules [played with the wrong people] lead to maximum arguments.

I can't stand playing a rules-lite game and having some important action fail because the rules fail to qualify success, leaving it up to the GM to arbitrarily make the call based on whether or not it works for the story they want to have play out.

Without rules, it's not a game it's just role play.

(That said, this applies less with people you know/trust)

Saying yes all the time makes you a bad DM. Players ask for unreasonable things on a regular basis and you should tell them no when they do. Don't be a doormat.

There is a mountain of advice on how to be a good GM, and almost none on how to be a good player, but they are equally important. A bad player takes up too much of the DMs time and can ruin the game for everyone else, but this is something you can learn not to do.

Saying yes all the time makes you a bad DM. Players ask for unreasonable things on a regular basis and you should tell them no when they do. Don't be a doormat.

Every game setting (and probably every PRG) should have a sample adventure included, to show the DM what you envision the players doing on an adventure, and how you see combats/RP encounters/etc working.