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For those that don't know I'm relegating this account to backup status and moving my main role-playing discussion to @Canageek as it seems more focused on playing games then dice dot camp, which seems to be more focused on creating games

@astronomicalGaster H1Y4

so. is a nice place to be if you like talking about table games, but I don't know how closely they'll want you to stay on topic. You can make other accounts in any other community and still follow the same people.

There is a Homestuck instance called, but it's kind of small and ad hoc. Feels like the Tumblr fandom, but not always in a good way.

My instance is a writer-y one, but not so strict about topics

Is anyone interested in joining my #dnd5e Spelljammer-like game? It is play-by-post with about one combat turn every other day. It has the basic ideas of Spelljammer but is my own setting.

I'm running through The Mines of Phandelver but changed to set it on an asteroid belt.

Players act as agents of the crown, trying to restore a connection to the government and help people in a region that has to mostly be abandoned due to a war. Now you are going out, showing the flag and helping people.

Question: Trying to tell Dyson Logos Amit Mastodon. He is A VERY skilled RPG maker maker who runs a patreon. He says he has left Masto in past due to people objecting to his daily map drowning out conversion. Would anyone object to him coming here?

I just picked up a flyer for #GeekGirlCon. Anyone else going that I could meet up with?

My team (Frostbite Cinematics) is hiring a software engineer! We work on cinematic tools and gameplay camera systems for franchises like Battlefield/Anthem/Dragon Age/FIFA/PVZ/Star Wars. Ping me for details. Spread the word!

One thing I appreciate about nintendo's shitty online service is that during the course of signing up for the trial, they repeatedly tell you how to turn off automatic renewal. There were probably folks in the boardroom going "no keep it in fine text, we'll make more money", but others were like "that's gross and I don't like it being turned on by default so we should at least let them know in bold multiple times". Automatic renewal of any service is shit, so I'm glad they at least tell me.

I think the top runner right now is it looks a bit less impenetrable than rpol while still allowing me to make multiple threads over time, so I could have one for each combat turn for example. That will prevent the 50 page single threads that I'm used to Is kind of hard to tell anything about, as you can't browse other peoples campaigns as far as I can tell. I would really love some descriptions of how it works, screenshots of the interface, anything like that Has a very nice user interface, but I don't think I'll use it as it seems very chat room inspired whereas I'm focusing on a slower paced paragraph at a time style of play Seems to be a very old school site, that gives you access to your own subforum. Rather old but that hopefully means it's fairly good?

Alright, trying to figure out which site I'm going to use to run this #PlayByForum game

Advice and commentary on the various options I'm presenting, or ones that I've missed are highly encouraged

Are you avid #miniatures painter? Do you enjoy #warhammer40k or #warhammer? Maybe #warhammerpainting is your thing?

Or do you like smaller games like #bloodbowl, #mordheim or #necromunda? Maybe naval warfare or ancient battles is what you're interested, or #wargames in general?

Join #miniaturemonday. Post a #miniature you're proud of or are currently working. Enjoy banter with other painters and connect with people interested in #miniaturepainting.

Confession time: I'm mostly going to be adapting traditional D&D adventures. I just wanted a reason built in for everyone to not act like wandering sell swords, while still cutting you off from resupply. Plus, it gets around the idea that wandering heavily armed adventures are common.

Plus it helps avoid alignment issues of you have a badge (gives LG Paladins some flexibility), and avoids CN jerk play.

Ok, setting idea. There is a vast republic. Each planet gets to send in a number of representatives in proportion to their population. However, this means that the sparsely inhabited boarder regions tend to get abandoned when tough times come. Tough times have been around for a while, and the newly elected Monarch sends out small bands of skilled beings-at-arms to assess and assist this outer regions.

This is On Her Majesty's Deep Space Service

#Spelljammer #Geekjammer

I'm planning to make a dragonborn rogue for this. I gotta think about what you said about using my barbarian instead, but I kinda think it would be a wasted opportunity to play a human in Spelljammer...

plus pretty much anything from any D&D setting would go as a player character if we can find a reasonable 5th Edition rules for it. Warforged, Dragonborn, Giff, etc.

Oh yeah, looking for players. Hoping for ~5 posts per week from each player. #L4G #pbf #pbp #5e #dnd #5ednd #spelljammer

I won't be using any of the weird garbage left over from first edition about god's not being able to give you spells when you're cut off from planer access. I'd be using more of an Eberron base religion system where some people get spells from the gods, many of these religions dog most directly contradict one another and yet they both get spells. #spelljammer

I'd be very Loosely using the spelljammer setting. I'd keep the core ideas of swashbuckler a ships in space, but also using them as a method of moving the party between adventure sites which would be more traditional D&D so I could use pre-written adventures. #spelljammer

The premise would be your a group of adventurers for the queen of the Republic, who are sent out to the boarder regions that don't hear from the central authority much. your job is to help them out stop whatever problems they're having with Bandits, food shortages, cultists, whatever and make the crown look good while doing it. #spelljammer #5e

Thinking of getting off my duff and finally running the 5th edition spelljammer game that I keep talking about. #spelljammer #5e #dnd #pbf #pbp

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