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Canageek (RPG Focused)

My luck dice for the day: 1, 1, 6.

(Our DM has its roll three dice each at the start of the session that we can swap in on any roll. That is just about the best you can get: 1 on a 3d6 can help make almost any roll a success, and a 6 is great for damage and reaction rolls)

Literally every member of our party has Dance as a skill now as my character found it so useful.

@Canageek New this level: Strength went up (I've been slowly raising it for 3-4 years real time and finally had enough free points to get it up)

Area: Knowledge (Foothills)
Survival: Mountain. (We keep traipsing around the local Foothills)

Administration (Running a church AND being on town council)

and leaned to write Saxon at Accented
(both for running his church)

@Canageek Then your character is not just the description you wrote down at character creation, it is a representation of who they are and what they have done.

Something else I love about skill based games: You can gain skills based on use.

Now, Call of does this explicitly, which I love about it. However in the game I am in we'll often get five points, then have to spend at least three of them on social skills (when we've spent most of our time being diplomatic), outdoors skills (after a long trek through the wilderness), or even just a point in boating (River trip)

@dbisdorf @Canageek These are two very different ways of representing characters, and each has its strengths.

GURPS is saying "here's the character's resume and transcripts", Fate is saying "here's my cover letter and bio". Each is useful for giving you a sense of the character, and there is a fair amount of overlap, but each does it a different way because the needs of the games are different mechanically.

@Canageek If your character isn't frequently and unusually grumpy and doesn't affect your behavior, it shouldn't be on your character sheet. If you put "grumpy" on your sheet, you are indicating that this is a significant fact that's going to affect your interpersonal relations.

Same goes for the 10-point GURPS disadvantage "Bully". You can't take that disadvantage and then never roleplay it because you "pretend not to be a bully."

@Canageek “Depravo the Rat”: a super-strong, intelligent —you guessed it— rat, with thumbs, who could walk upright and stood two meters tall when he did. A master at breaking into places and breaking out of traps, this character was a waaaay too obvious homage to the true masters of one of my least favorite apartments of the past. I’m surprised I never came up with some sort of “Captain Cockroach” as well. #WeirdCharacters

As I'm sure some of you know, the first printing of the 5E PHB had a binding issue. Unfortunately, that includes my copy. I've heard that there's a way to get that taken care of, but I don't know the details. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


@Canageek You know how Ralph Wiggum is friends with a leprechaun that tells him to burn things? I've got a Warlock who's basically that--looks like a 10 year old boy and is always talking to his demonic familiar Mr Grumblespell. (In truth he's closer to 70 and Mr Grumblespell has magically stopped him from aging.)

Anyone around here know of any good resources/blogs about Advanced Fighting Fantasy? I’m interested in the system but I’m curious what house rules and fixes people have made over the years.

@Canageek I should also note that he actually believes it (hence the 7 WIS). He honestly thinks he's a cleric of "Mordoloth, god of goodness and light" runs around doing good in the name of an archfiend.

@Canageek I made a character based on my observation of the thematic similarity between 5E clerics and warlocks: they're both tied to a powerful being who gives them magical powers.

So I made a 7 WIS "cleric of Mordoloth" who is actually a warlock with an infernal patron. Insists he's a cleric, and can "prove" it: has Cure Wounds (from a 1-level bard dip), can cast cleric cantrips (from Pact of the Tome), etc.

Meanwhile, Mordoloth and friends basically get "The Truman Show" in hell. ;D


I ran a beta Mystic order spy game, my character was the blond girl from Totally Spies!
big mouth, couldn't pronounce a single item

@Canageek My recent game about psychic monks looking for a new homeland drew inspiration in part from a podcast about Chinese cooking.

The game I'm making now about elephant angels is inspired by an unfinished text adventure from the 80s that satirized Ronald Reagan.

Not characters, but close enough I hope.

Source wise, honestly, 8+ children's actions shows. They can fit easily to an archetype or be molded to my needs, and often have fun quirks.

Otherwise, I end up defaulting to a character like how I think my mother views herself

The one time I tried a TTRPG, I made my Amber character completely obsessed with finding the perfect waffle to the point where he lived in a Shadow where the people had lost the ability to derive nutrition from anything else and so put massive efforts into waffle R&D.

Inspired by the Weird Al song, "Waffle King".

(The GM nixed the waffleness and I lost interest in the game after that.)