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Canageek (RPG Focused)

Note: If you follow me here, and like tabletop RPGs, or other types of gaming, let me know and I'll follow you from @Canageek , my gaming account.

@memnus @CybreJoshywooful @patienceltd (You three are tagged as you've followed me the most recently)

@Canageek @mona it was on PBS or something when I was a kid. I loved that show!

@Canageek remember

I'm pulling for ya

we're all in this together.

Red Green being in YouTube is making Sunday evening crystallography a lot more fun. (Season two is WEIRD)

@DialMforMara It was evacuated and they were ambushed on the way home, right?

@markrollsdice see I just want a plot outline and stab blocks and then I just improvise the rest as it goes. but that way I at least have a decent motivation and a framework to riff off of

@markrollsdice see I'm from Mostly a Call of Cthulhu background, where there is no bias against using pre-written adventures. I'm not sure why certain communities have such a bias against it while the Call of Cthulhu Community it's almost expected.

might be because some of the very early Call of Cthulhu Adventures were so far above what 99% of DMs are capable of writing?

Thinking of running a game heavily based on Spelljammer, but not sure. I generally use pre-written adventures, and I"m not sure I could find enough to make it work.

Just say "A melee character of X level is expected to have an attack bonus of Y-Z", and so on.

Future RPG writers: Don't just say at this level have this many GP of magic items. That will leave a character who acquired items organically at a VERY different power level then one who was built at the same level with items that all help them in combat.

A lot of my gold is in a wand of flame extinguishing, for example.

That is why if I write an RPG (ok, when I finish the one I've started) I'm going for the hmm, I forget what Gygax called it, the shiny model of magic items.

Items don't do much in terms of raw power, but they do cool stuff. The best example is the Quaal's father tokens. They don't specifically help you in combat, but they are really useful and cool and feel much more magic then a +1 sword.

Very little done this week. There is a reason I hate dealing with magic items in 3.X type games. Rules on buying and selling them, if the town has them, etc etc.

Plussss the game expects you to have certain ones, but doesn't make it clear which ones. So I'm pretty sure a few of us are very underpowered as not even all of us have +2 stat boosters.

Now hearing the story of an Annis hag from a floating women covered in green fire.