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Canageek (RPG Focused)

Trying to find some creepy ambient music to put behind my voice on a podcast thing. Free music archive has a couple potential tracks, but they get busier then I would like. Does anyone have suggestions?

#freemusic #creativecommons #podcast

How to improve any rpg system : blend it with watership down.

Jedi Bunnies!
A warren accidentally digging into the underdark!
Post apocalyptic rabbits!

There is a game I love called Neptune's Pride. Free game, plays out as a really slow RTS, as in, takes 6-12 hours to send ships to attack someone. Very slow paced, check a couple times a day type of thing.However, as the popularity has fallen off, it is hard to find players that won't drop out quickly, so I figured I'd try to set up a Mastodon game of it. Is anyone interested?

#neptunespride #game #gameing

The committee of the Diana Jones Award has announced its five shortlisted nominees for 2018, 'for excellence in gaming'. They are:
* The 200 Word RPG Challenge, a competition organised by David Schirduan and Marshall Miller
* The Actual Play movement
* Analog Game Studies, a journal edited by Aaron Trammell, Evan Torner, Shelley Jones and Emma Leigh Waldron
* Charterstone, a board game by Jamey Stegmaier
* Harlem Unbound, a roleplaying game sourcebook by Chris Spivey

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@TMWReviews Rember to use Steam link for free copies of many games you already own there.

@Irick Huh, I always found humanities books way more them chemistry books, ours were mostly in the $100CDN range, less used. Whereas I knew people taking humanities and fine arts and their yearly textbooks costs were three times mine.

My dept DID make attempts to keep the textbooks cheap though.

Oh, this is neat:

Looks like HeroQuest is getting a System Reference Document (SRD) and will be released under the OGL:

Really pleased to see Chaosium open this system up as I think it has some potential.

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@socketwench Wait, can't you use browser extensions on phone?

Also, you can avoid lock in with a good import-export function. I switched from Sage to Feedbro without any trouble, and I've moved podcatchers in the same way.

But yeah, I assume that anything coded to browsers like that will break in under five years, which is why I'm skeptical of it. (Whereas I was able to use Sage from Firefox 2 or 3 to a few months ago)

@mdhughes @woozle I could see that. Plus you'd need one for various monster types, etc. But *in theory* it could be done, if someone sat in a room for a year writing out combinations.

I'm not sure how you'd do PvE risks though, like climbing a wall or jumping a chasm.

Again, not sure how you could do that rhetorically. Eventually a player will want to lie to an NPC or another player.

So might work as one mechanism in a game, but I don't think as the sole mechanism?

@socketwench Why not just use a browser extension in that case?

@woozle @mdhughes Have you played Ace of Aces?

I was thinking you could do interesting player Vs creature/player combat with a similar system. Technically determinative, but with hidden information.

@mdhughes @woozle Ah, I missed your "you will never again" sentence.

I've been thinking on this more. You COULD remove randomization if you had a hidden bidding mechanism of some sort. So I take a swing at you, we each pick an attack/defence mode, and that determines how well things go.

Kind of like Ace of Aces?
The more skilled fighter would get more options as they could get out of bad positions more quickly, for example.

@codeawayhaley Wikipedia lists 14 implementations of it:

However, gzip is used inside png, and in every web browser, so lots of implementations around as well. So in theory you could probably dig copies of its code up from a lot of places if we had to....

Reading over wikipedia, 7zip is public domain, but it appears to be the only exact implementation of the 7z file format. The LZMA algorithm is implemented by a few other programs, but with different file types.

@Canageek @woozle As I recently noted on the Google Plusses, "Please at least once play in a diceless RPG like Amber. You will never again question the use of dice (or cards, or other randomizer). Chance turns out to be the difference between frustration and fun."

That said, I wrote SIX WORD RPG and some other minimal games, and they work fine with only the slightest cooperation between Referee and players.

@codeawayhaley Wouldn't bzip2 be equal to gzip? Both are equally open source, I thought bzip2 was just newer?

@woozle @mdhughes Yeah, super not interested in PvP games, playing or running.