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Used to be a Big Deal in the Fudge community, have a few publishing credits over there. Became allergic to near-freeform play and have come full circle back to Pathfinder and Champions (my first love after D&D, used to run the fanzine Clockwork Hero). Gearing up for my first Champions game since the 90's. Need to get back to game writing.

This place is full of exciting young people, boost if you’re old and weary

I don't boost @Kickstarter stuff much, but this deserves some attention. A guide to organizing and running community events:

I find it interesting how much World of Warcraft has influenced terminology, especially when playing a science fiction game and players refer to activating abilities as "casting". "Cast" more or less means "throw" and then it's got me thinking, why did our language decide that witches "cast a spell" in the first place? When did that usage begin?

Some bizarre teardrop-shaped icicles I spotted today over rushing water. Very strange and beautiful.

That moment when you're talking your Champions character (day job: bicycle courier) over with the GM and he's commenting that "unicycle" is a separate skill and "when is THAT gonna come up in game" and the next thing you know you're statting out the Unipiper

Yeah, just over here looking at the board game shelf and mentally adding "& Zombies!" to the end of each game to see if it works.

@June_Shores You should write a blog. A series of toots isn't the best way to present such big ideas, which are really good, but hard to file away for later perusal... a blog post URL I can file into Pocket for when I have more time to read. I don't want to mute your voice, but rather I think you'd have better reach with the right medium. (I miss PbP RP. We used to host them at years ago. I get a lot of what you're saying.)

I'm a big fan of not working for the man and chasing your dreams. But I'm not going to give you money just for doing that. I'm going to give you money for producing content I like. So when you break out, don't advertise that you need money to chase your dream, advertise what you have to offer me. I don't click on Patreon requests for "give me money so I can live the dream". If you don't have anything to sell, you're not ready to break out.

Being an open-source maintainer is really hard. A lot of people tend to act very entitled towards you, as if you "owe" them your time or your attention.

It's totally illogical: you put something out there for free, and now because of that, folks feel like they deserve more of it! And yet this is often the prevailing mood in OSS communities.

At the same time, you may start to believe this logic yourself, leading to "open-source guilt." This often ends in burnout.

Outside of Freebooting Venus, does anybody have any recommendations for systems that use event-specific experience rewards? Meaning, instead of "killing an orc is worth X experience points", "I have slain another" is a specific experience that is important to the growth of your character. Does that make sense?

Irrationally, I want Twilight Imperium even though we have a pajillion games and haven't even played some of *them* yet, and the likelihood of having the time to play that monster is fairly slim.

Somehow, right now at this very moment, at the age of 33 (I'm pretty sure), I am watching the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time.

My wife made me an Owlbear for Christmas! 💛

Last night I went to Starbucks and when the guy finished my drink, he bent down and whispered, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

I just smiled and took my drink, and while I was leaving I heard the other worker saying: “WOULD YOU STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR INSPIRATIONAL SHIT!”

and the guy responded with, “Girl, there is no way in hell I am letting -you- dull my sparkle.”

✨ ❇ 🎇 ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ 🎇 ❇ ✨

You know, it's got to be hard making your entire living off of creative art (writing, cartooning, etc), wondering if the magic is ever going to fade and people are going to stop liking your stuff... either because you're losing your edge, or the fickle consumer's tastes change.

I'm beginning to think the difference between Deus ex Machina and good storytelling is foreshadowing. Star Wars spoiler: Show more

Going to see Last Jedi tonight. Hoping this snow trooper with his imperial snowblower is canon.

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