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Record profits for companies that don't pay a living wage is wage theft.

Raise the wage.

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Trump apparently leaked the warrant to Breitbart. The DOJ had sought to redact or shield the names of agents involved. Trump took no caution. The Breitbart article has names of agents, which obviously puts a target on their back. Reprehensible. Trump needs to be stopped. Enough.

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Just a reminder that the mayor of Uvalde called Beto a “sick son of a bitch” and not one of you criticized his choice of language.

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There are three Supreme Court Justices who were appointed by a President who is currently under investigation for espionage.

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It’s only “espionage” if it comes from the Espionage region of France. Otherwise, it’s “sparkling treason.”

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Impeach the justices on the Supreme Court that were appointed by Trump.

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Trump takes more pains to hide his tax returns than classified info about nuclear weapons.

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This is nothing short of brilliant and very much worth a read.

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@BrentToderian@twitter.com @Gizmodo@twitter.com If anyone wants the receipts, this is the section from the biography where Musk admits Hyperloop was driven by his hatred of California high-speed rail and he hoped it would be canceled. Not to mention, the original vision for the Hyperloop was — shocker! — a train for cars! twitter.com/parismarx/status/1

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Updated Fifth Amendment Leaderboard

D. Trump 440 ✅
J. Eastman 146
J. Clark 125 twitter.com/cnbc/status/155754

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"When you lack choices, you make profound compromises to survive," my therapist just said to me.

Maybe you needed that little bit of context this morning, too.

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When teachers quit by the hundreds of thousands, the problem isn’t teachers. It’s a system that doesn’t value and support their work.

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Elected officials shouldn't be able to use official budgets as slush funds. I have a bill that strengthens disclosure requirements for Congressmembers traveling on the taxpayers' dime. Right now, members don't have to report when, where, or why they traveled using tax dollars.

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Starbucks fired an @SBWorkersUnited@twitter.com union leader in Buffalo.

The whole store walked out in protest.

This video has over 17 million views on TikTok.

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Ten Ten Studios Malaysia (Jarold Sng Koon Shan, Cloud Khoo Hao Qian, Quah Yu Sean, Yong Jie Yin, Teh Jia Yi, Shane Teng Xie Le, Tong Cheng Hin, Aki Lim Pui Ling), Dorothy Yang, Hanna Hofer, and Shaun Ellis. 6/

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Breaking; President Biden has signed the official paperwork for U.S. approval of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

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The “teacher shortage” is manufactured. It’s the result of an intentional shortage of everything else in education (and beyond): proper pay, resources, respect, infrastructure, services, time, and ultimately care for children & the adults supporting them.

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Given that in the Army Of The Dead movie they used CGI to replace a problematic actor with Tig Notaro, I think they should digitally replace Ezra Miller in the Flash movie … with Tig Notaro.

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