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If I ever get a tattoo, "I live for this shit because I'm a huge nerd" will form the word-wreath border around the central image.

Probably in Tengwar script.

"So. I go get a coffee. Fifteen minutes later, I'm looking around my desk going "where the heck is my coffee?!?" Then I see the cup in my trash, and I have NO memory of actually drinking it."

"... Okay."

"Sorry, what was your question?"

"... How's it going?"

As an individual, adhd is nearly a non-issue, it's interaction with a capitalist society that creates problems.

weird little girls are the most powerful creative beings on the planet. nothing can touch the plotlines of an elementary school girl’s recess game of pretend

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Remember. Western society tries hard to make us cold and ruthless. An act of kindness is an act of rebellion.

Go. Rebel.

Here's to a year of nat 20s, with advantage.

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I'm aware the products have their own set of problems, but whatever California did to get these WAY more durable plastic products, I am FOR it. The reusability is wonderful.

Adding to the list of lame ways I have been injured in my forties: the autotopia ride in Tomorrowland

(I really enjoy Brooklyn 99, but.)

Cop shows paint every single legal right (right to remain silent, right to legal counsel, fifth amendment) as something only a bad guy would ever even think about using, and/or as an obstacle for the heroes to overcome.

Given the history of false imprisonment and/or police misconduct in the US, that’s a HELL of a message to send.

(But cop shows are propaganda, so...)

Werner Herzog says "I would like to see the baby" exactly how anyone else would say "I would like to eat the baby."

Baby Yoda is the two word counter to every toxic fan boy argument about Rey learning force stuff 'too easily.' Little dude wants to do a thing -> thing happens.

Yoda dropping some parenting truth.

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Conservatives: “I don’t want to live in a leftist world where I’m forced to be nice or I get punished!”

Me: *full eye contact, slowly tapping a Bible”

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