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If I ever get a tattoo, "I live for this shit because I'm a huge nerd" will form the word-wreath border around the central image.

Probably in Tengwar script.

The best description of my job this week is "top secret nonsense."

I'm done with Star Wars "discourse" - from now on we appreciate star wars like kids; the spaceships are cool and we're pretending to be Jedi with a robot friend.

The Legend of Keanu Reeves - GQ

"Keanu orders a BLT and a Coca-Cola. Fries, not salad. When it comes, the BLT, it'll be on ciabatta bread. Keanu will find himself missing the crispness of toast. Keanu isn't sure a BLT shouldn't leave your soft palate ground up, a little. That a BLT shouldn't have consequences. Soft bread is for soft-bread sandwiches. 'Peanut butter and jelly,' Keanu says. Then, more dreamily, like Homer Simpson in reverie: 'Peanut butter and honey.'"

Looping animation inspiration for the Apocalypse World game.

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just scrolling through my mentions muttering "bitch who asked", as all healthy people do

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Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

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Bragging about my total situational awareness mere seconds before I fall down a manhole

Dumbo may have gotten bad reviews as a movie, but it got GREAT reviews as a way to artificially extend the copyright of a nearly 80-year-old intellectual property.

Sincerely bummed about having to cancel for tonight's Gauntlet hangouts run of DW - literally the only game in the April schedule starting late enough for me to attend. Found out I have to be up 5 hours after the game wraps tonight, and I've already been up since 5 this morning. Solo parenting this week makes this a trifecta of future badness. Suuuucks.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become an NPC.

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For the Queen! actual play podcast

Our schedule is crazy, so rather than our regular campaign, we do a one-shot of For the Queen!

not knowing or caring who internet celebrities are is my primary form of self care

Me: *hands out a selection of cadbury eggs, one of which is caramel*

My 13yo: *takes the caramel egg*

Me: Seriously?!?

M13yo: My body is torturing me because I am NOT a sob story of teen pregnancy - I get the caramel egg.

Me: ... okay fair point.

Women don't have trust issues, they have pattern recognition.

My wife heads out of town tomorrow for her annual work trip to Italy. She gets back next Sunday or something.

"I know some of these words."


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Thank god the entire industry hasn't decided to revolve around Blink/Chromium for 95% of the web's browser traffic, or else Google would have an unlimited ability to push forward whatever bullshit standard they wanted.

Wait hold on, my producer is telling me something [places finger on my ear piece]

Oh no.

The first listed feature of this alternate Slack / Discord client is "Not made from a web browser" - *chef kiss*

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