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If I ever get a tattoo, "I live for this shit because I'm a huge nerd" will form the word-wreath border around the central image.

Probably in Tengwar script.

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Masks, Phoenix Academy, Session 13 – Fifty-five Minutes

The team plays super-powered musical chairs. Amazingly, no one dies. Many chairs were harmed in the filming of this episode.

Reboot Season 3 was stunningly prescient about the native toxicity of the web.

The problem with assuming a proliferation of streaming services will encourage healthy competition is that media isn’t fungible.

People don’t want to see ANY show – they want to see a PARTICULAR show. A real competitive market would involve shows being made available via multiple services, affording consumers meaningful choice in obtaining the shows they want. The present arrangement - each show exclusive to one particular streaming service - is textbook ANTI-competitive business practice.

How my players think I prep for games: detailed plotline; intricate layers of backstory.

How I actually prep: One decent idea every couple weeks, which I then ARGUE WITH.

(same deal for writing, actually)

Luckily there are a LOT MORE words to describe when the thing is cancelled two minutes before it's supposed to start, and you're already at work.

The only word for a six and a half hour conference call that starts at 6:15 in the morning is "gross."

Marvel antagonists: “I wear ALL BLACK and THREE PIECE SUITS and kill people because I’m SAD inside.”

Meanwhile, in Gotham, villains with an actual aesthetic and presentation.

Mostly because no one can outdo Bruce Wayne in “i wear all black and three piece suits and beat up people because i’m sad inside” ( so they had to come up with something else.

What I thought I was paying $5,000 for - hearing devices that allow me to offset damage done when I was 13.

What I actually paid $5,000 for - itchy gizmos that make every conversation sound like Skype, and no way to mute my own breathing.

I legitimately can't tell the difference between the headlines on Lifehacker and Reductress.

There's a lot to unpack/question in shared knowledge.

For instance, Is it _actually_ dangerous to rub a pregnant woman's feet? I've been cautioned against it by just about everyone I know, but now I wonder if it isn't just some kind of misogynist bullshit thing (somehow pregnant women... What? Deserve discomfort?) Sounds crazy, but then there's Georgia, et al., and crazy seems pretty in-bounds.

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adding "not a euphemism" to the end of sentences to mqke people wonder what the euphemism might have been

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I strongly recommend you google "Batman: Family Limited Edition Q-Master Diorama" from QMX

Even when it's temporary, I am really no good at being alone.

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Masks, Menagerie Actual Play, Session 61 – We’re Going to DISNEY World…

The team spends two tense days preparing themselves for a prophesied encounter between Magus Everard and Doctor Infinity. As the fight emerges, they activate Leo’s time-space anchor and engage in battle against two powerful foes. Intro music by Mikhael Bureau.

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