Masks game. Kaylee's protégé gets smashed. Uses her "I can do this all day" move to get back up. We reference the attached image, and then this happens:

Cutthroat game of turkey foot dominoes with the family. It's smack talk all the way down.

Every single part of this is me. Right down to the full-body bear onesie.

After over a month not being able to get the girls together, I am *more* than ready for tomorrow night's Masks game. (Also, Kaylee's birthday!)

Literally cannot tell the difference between Lifehacker and Reductress headlines.

My wife and I are convinced the artist behind fowl language comics lives in our house somewhere. This comic is further proof.

Got to play some games with the family while on our cabin holiday this weekend, some of which I haven't touched in AGES. Hive (so good), qwirkle, Batman Love Letter, and Jungle Speed.

Got a chance to participate in a Masks game as a player. Toby Taylor, Doomed Speedster. Started the session 16; ended it 60.

(alternately, shrimp are meat-cashews?)

“Gary, I realize it’s your first day, but we do have a dress code.”

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