Been super quiet over on this front while I worked through an Adventure Backlog, and have been playtesting several inflight games.

Just launched a new game today though - Campfire Club! A game of spooky stories that can be played with 2 decks of standard playing cards. This game is inspired by Ten Candles, Dread and properties like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Are optional/alternative rules something that should be included in a main TTRPG ruleset?

Hey all!

Playtest materials for Codename: Buzz have begun to go out for feedback.

Monday 6/20. Character Creation process.
Tuesday 6/21. Skill Ranks, Dice System and Rolls.
Wednesday 6/22. Harm/Consequences and Equipment.
Thursday 6/23. Faction Sympathy and Enmity and Downtimes.
Friday 6/24. Session 0/1 and Building Your World.

If you are interested in becoming a play tester fill out the linked google form.

Prepping to launch 2 IPs and gathering a list interested in participating in playtests and feedback.

Interested in Dungeon Rogues Playtest opportunities? Love reviewing rules, doing quick tasks, filling out polls and giving lots of feedback?

It is a long one, but if you are interested in some Ten Candles Actual Play content check out our game from this last Sunday. We played; The Black Ship, a prompt from among those Dungeon Rogues is releasing in August.

I posted this on twitter as well, but am interested in everyone's thoughts.

Genuine question: As a business entity how do you make it clear that you support LGBTQIA+, are an ally, and unequivocally support brothers sisters and NBs without feeling performative in June? I'm hyper aware of how it may read as just advertising.

Been a bit quiet over here! Apologies all. Just been working, and having a very minor surgery.

While I recover today, I put together a 3-month reflection on my time since launching Dungeon Rogues.

Well that was an intense little bit. The site is now down for maintenance and I got confirmation that they are aware and fixing it. The DriveThruRPG $0 dollar fire sale (everything must go go go) has come to an end.

Just released Chapel of Pain, a Mörk Borg adventure. Should be playable in 2-3 hours, and works as a great one-shot or addon to an ongoing campaign.

Out on Roll20,, Patreon and on DriveThruRPG.

Patreon - the push to 15!

Join at the I'm a Believer level ($3) before 12 PM (noon PDT) on 5/18 and get entered into a raffle for a physical copy of Mörk Borg.

This week's release on the Patreon (and later on DriveThru and Roll20) is a Mörk Borg adventure called: Chapel of Pain. Get Chapel of Pain and all of the other content unlocked at the $15 Beer and Pretzels level, which includes all Dungeon Rogues 5e and other system adventures early.

5e DTR and Roll20

Volume 1 of Green with Envy is the first 3 adventures in a 12-part adventure that takes characters from a scavenger hunt (and basilisk fight!) to ultimately culminate in a showdown with an ancient green dragon who has been resurrected.

GE-001. Adventure the Old Greenswood, fight a basilisk find a Flower.
GE-002. Participate in a town fair when animals are set free!
GE-003. Find a dragon cult in the sewer.

Hey all --

'Fight for Rights' a lean political action game was added to a large (275+) bundle of games that is being used to raise funds for Reproductive Rights. Get a bunch of indie press ttrpg games and zines all for $5!

The bundle has already earned 170% of the initial goal in the first 8 hours! But all funds are going to charity, so let's flex some gaming muscles and play some games.

'Fight For Rights' is now live on DriveThruRPG! All proceeds from May will go to Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Ever wanted to play out a House of Cards or Veronica Mars ttrpg?

Fight For Rights is a political action game that brings your players together to set agendas, gain info, rally, build dossiers and go to a vote!

Investigate. Blackmail. Build dossiers. Rally. Strategize. R&R with your crew.

PWYW - give it a look - donate to PPAF.

Boosting my Patreon a bit with a raffle. Goal is 15 Patreon members for May! Raffling off a physical copy of Mörk Borg which will pair nicely with the Mörk Borg Adventure I'm releasing on 5/18 (Chapel of Pain). Join the Patreon by 12 PM PDT on 5/18 to be entered!

Horse Heist a 5e one shot adventure for characters level 1-4 is now live on Roll20, and should be up on DTR shortly. (soon)

As always content launches on Patreon first for all Beer and Pretzel level folks.


I have 2 daughters. All of the most important people to me are women. An attack on women's rights, is an attack on all rights.

There is not much I can do, but I can design a game that is based around politics and taking action. And that's what I wrote this morning, "Fight For Rights" a game built on the Breathless SRD.

All proceeds from May 2022 will go to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

patreon free copy:


The Delver #2.

In this month's one sheeter 'The Delver' from the Dungeon Rogues Patreon I talk briefly about upcoming releases, our first 5 sales!, licensing and when the session 0 for Brightshore will release.

My first Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition adventure has hit the marketplace on DriveThruRPG! A fast-paced modern adventure that takes the Investigators from a symposium that has gone horribly wrong to the heart of Missouri to stop a signal.

The adventure includes ~15 handouts including .wav files, images of scenes, and evidence. 4 pregen characters, and some suggestions for upsizing to Pulp Cthulhu or running pre-computer.

First Season of Brightshore has launched! A fantasy noir 5e actual play.

Join Gornak the Bugbear, Khedeerta the Deep Gnome, Meizaphir the Half-Drow and Walker the Warforged as they dig into the mysteries beneath the world on the subterranean beaches of Brightshore.

S1E1 and S1E2 are now available on Youtube and Spotify (coming to Pandora and Amazon soon)

Patreon (adventures and early access):

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