Two realizations in quick succession:
1) Its Free RPG Day.
2) I no longer give a damn about Free RPG Day. In fact its antithetical to what I want from this hobby.

Me, a couple weeks ago: I must stop wasting money on games!

Me, immediataly afterward: ooh, that's shiny and neat! (x4)

To be fair, I've been looking for Swordbearer for a while, Cavaliers of Mars has an inspiration list straight from my bookshelf, Tim Truman is all over Wormwood (and he's one of my favorite artists) and @Epidiah talked up Ironclaw for years and this copy was pretty cheap.

It's the particular approach SJG has taken to the issue which really makes it unacceptable. They acknowledge awareness of what Webb has done, and that many people are upset by it, but clearly state that despite that they feel the work he's creating for SJG outweighs that social issue. It's not even shelter it ignorance, it's openly saying "we know, and we don't care."

I had been looking forward to running "The Fantasy Trip" at events like Forge Midwest over the summer, but that simply isn't an option while this situation stands.

The dark turn from Steve Jackson Games regarding work with Bill Webb (and Steve Jackson himself in particular) is deeply frustrating and disappointing.

Wanna take a survey?

I wrote the first version upon moving to a new area, in hopes of using it to jumpstart a local gaming community. Didn't finish it, but now I've pulled it back up, to better understand the people I did end up role-playing with, but also generally also out of curiosity over what answers it'll get. This is the first version I think is finished enough to share, but it can probably use further refinement. Appreciation in advance if you fill it out.

James Raggi: Caefully picks up a loaded shotgun, and declares "I have taken time to properly decide how to handle this." Then holds gun to foot and pulls trigger.

Airing out my small history with garbage person Z.S., and sharing a stupid picture he once inflicted on me.

Boycotting a creator isn't censorship. It is actually pretty much the opposite of censorship. Anyone denouncing "censorship" in this context is demonstrably not competent enough to use the word.

My basic lexographic litmus test: one can use a made-up word in any game one writes as long as it doesn't turn out there's already a wikipedia page using it for something else.

Please spread this around: There has been a call, in light of recent damning revelations by Mandy Morbid, for official revocation of the ENnie awards given to Zak S. in 2015 and 2018. Contact the ENnies if you feel this should be done, and publicly declare that you support this punitive measure.

Well, Here I am.
I'm saying that a lot lately.

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