Began my Friday by returning a dog I found running back and forth across a five-lane road. Off to a good start!

I don’t have a religious bone in my body, but I found this conversation between Dan Thurot and Jeff Warrender about Jeff’s board game The Acts of the Evangelists really interesting:

We’re wrapping up Teacher Appreciation Week. Feeling very grateful for the kindness and generosity of the families I work with.

“I TRIED TO HAVE A GOOD DAY,” wails one of the preschoolers in the neighboring classroom, “BUT I COULDN’T EVEN HAVE A GOOD HOUR!”

Got both Scout and Inis - a couple of my current favorites - to the table last night.

Waking up every morning and working my way through a battery of Wordle clones has started to feel like when I was spending forty-five minutes every evening catching up with my Draw Something games.

Got in a game of Root last night for the first time in quite a while, and it was a good one. My birds were one turn short of winning when the Wilderness Alliance pulled ahead.

As of today I’ve been working this gig for fourteen years.

Forgot to get many pictures, but my partner and I came home yesterday from a small house con that a friend was kind enough to organize. I wasn’t really in a headspace to do a lot of role-playing, but we got A LOT of board games to the table. My final tally: Scout, Pounce, Just One, Codenames, Orleans, Forgotten Waters, Jump Drive, Oath, Through the Ages, Iberian Gauge, The Crew, and Zing.

Hi, I’m Harry from Portland, OR. I’m a preschool teacher and a game dork that mostly plays heavier board games and some RPGs at the moment. I refuse to design anything. ❤️

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