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Epidiah @Epidiah@dice.camp

Leif Mustard stands guard, fearing this bloodstone an ill omen.


Leif Mustard finds some shade in which he can examine his discovery more closely.



I recently got to chat with @Portablecity about her methods and tools for making all that glorious merch & we recorded it for you!


Leif Mustard takes shelter from the approaching heat.


This is happening in less than a half hour at m.twitch.tv/actualplay

Leif Mustard lurks in the shadows this morning, hoping to scry some rogues.


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@Epidiah I'm reminded of that old gnomish proverb.

"Gnome puns are the best." -Gnome Ann

(It probably sounds better in gnomish.)

Leif Mustard uses his gnomish ability to perfectly estimate the length of his own beard & the the inherent properties of similar triangles to measure the height of the forest canopy. It's a process called trigognometry & he will not apologize for the pun.


Have I told you all about the speed runs of ⚔️ going on over on the ActualPlay Twitch channel? We're challenging ourselves to complete games of Swords—from 1st Overtone to last reincorporation—as swiftly as possible & still have a coherent story to show for it.

We've got a few under our belts clocking in at just over 50 minutes, & another one coming up this Sunday.

Join us! Play along as one of the seers witnessing our adventures from afar. Details: worldswithoutmaster.com/blog/2

What in the name of the fabled lost gods of his foremothers did Leif Mustard drink last night?


First light catches an unwary Leif Mustard by surprise on this cool morning & for the briefest of moments, he's ready to do battle with the very sun.


The art of stealth is one typically lost on Leif Mustard, except in cases of desperation. But the only way to improve is through practice.


Leif Mustard lifts his shield in preparation for the morning rain.


Leif Mustard spent his morning scrying on some rogues caught in the thrall of the Festival of the Moth.


Leif Mustard welcomes a surprise—but not altogether unexpected—guest.


Leif Mustard knows not what the day will bring. He prefers it that way.


Seeking ice for his morning coffee, Leif Mustard finds only fire and humidity.