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Epidiah @Epidiah@dice.camp

"You know how often we get a gnome in Peachtrees?"

Leif Mustard: "Well you got one now."


Leif Mustard has heard tales of snow this morning & he's wondering when it will reach him.


Back from a long weekend, Leif Mustard is still a bit groggy.


"12. How do you get your work out there?"

Used to be, about 18 years ago, I'd sit down with folks, 2 to 6 at a time, and played a 4 hour game with them. We would forge that connection between player & game in the crucible of shared adventure.

Today's going to be a bit of an uphill battle for Leif Mustard, which only means more glory tonight!


"11. What's yer brand?"

My company is Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing.
My logo is a shovel swaddled in 1K.
My slogan is "For use with your imagination!"
My mascot is a curious gnome wanderer known as Leif Mustard.
My brand is the curmudgeon Epidiah Ravachol.




Leif Mustard is witness to some strange lights in the morning sky.


Today Leif Mustard is hard at work on his gnome taxes, which are simply a series of good deeds you do for strangers every Tuesday.


And now, despite my efforts, a routine has encroached on me. Every weekday, I go into Another Castle, chat with Leif, see what he's been up to, figure out what to post for , & then write, read, play with my calc, or do whatever else seems fruitful in the moment.


Instead, I discovered that my routine was more like thinking about & playing a game publicly for half a decade while procrastinating on the actual writing, getting my window shot early one Monday morning, and then writing the last 80-90% of Dread in the following week.

All of which is to say, I've long since abandoned the idea that I would be better served with a routine & I'm happier for it.

I wasted years worrying about my worth because I couldn't accomplish this very basic task. I mean, now I do write every day, but not in any way that was envisioned by anyone in the 90s.

The point is, I was supposed to develop a quirky routine like all the greats, who wrote while lying in bed every morning or standing naked in a cold shack out in the yard or, I suppose, late into the night blitzed out of my gourd on cocaine.

"8. Describe your routine"

If I have a routine, it is in large, indiscernible cycles of writing, research, promoting & play all bleeding into one another so that you never know which one you're in at given moment.

Last millennium, while I was pursuing my creative writing degree, they tried to instill in me "good" habits with horseshit instructions designed to make a certain type of writer feel good about themself. Chief among these was "write every day."

Day 7: Your workplace.

Behold, @AnotherCastleMA, my new workspace as of 2018! It's kind of a gorgeous office.

Gaze upon my desktop & you'll notice something missing. This is because my camera & my monitor are one & the same & it cannot take pictures of itself.





Day 6—Favorite game mechanic?

"You are now wolves. Describe your coat, your size, your scent and your voice."
From Wolfspell: worldswithoutmaster.com/wolfsp

Magic! Would that every pair of sentences I wrote aroused such visible wonder & joy in the players.

After enjoying a freshly brewed cup of gnomish coffee, Leif Mustard is eager to face this day's adventures.

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5. My favorite game that I've worked on, which may come as a surprise, is Delve: Dynamic Dungeon Adventure. It gets significantly less attention than the rest of my output, but I think it's the most mechanically solid and outright fun game I've created.