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Leif Mustard combat courageusement l'ennui en cette sombre journée.

Folks! WARP for the HP 42s (which works on the DM42 & in all likelihood Free42)!

The Star Trek Adventures campaign I was a part of is on hiatus, so I haven't given this a test run, and it doesn't seem to follow the warp formula that game uses (if, in fact, that game uses a formula, which I'm slightly suspicious about). But has a neat discussion about the math of warp mechanics.

[Image of my HP-35s which I used as a warp calc during the game.]

In case you missed it, I got a new calc this month & I'm digging it. To celebrate, I'm running a month-long sale: The coupon code "DM42" gets you 25% off of everything at payhip.com/epidiah. But dally not, February ends next week!

Here's why I'm digging this calc so much:
• The Game Designer's Calculator: dig1000holes.wordpress.com/201
• The Calculator's Game Design: dig1000holes.wordpress.com/201

Leif Mustard has journeyed over to the window to enjoy this foggy, but spring-like morning while he can. For he knows this heralds the Seasons of the Allergies—a time cursed by the gods and gnome alike.

This morning I dropped my phone and had a moment of panic followed by sweet relief when I realized it wasn't my DM42. THAT'S WHERE I'M AT WITH THIS CALCULATOR!

If you look at the upper left corner of the calc's beautiful LCD (so crisp!) you can see the state I currently have loaded into the calc: TANDT.

I'm working on a suite of programs to help out with running T&T or playing solo adventures. It's not very math intensive, but I get to explore depths of the calc I otherwise might not have.

Leif Mustard is still at it.

I'm exploring the possibility of a world where anthropomorphic animals and their non-anthropomorphic counterparts live side-by-side in 🏹. Excerpt from The Year 1000 by Robert Lacey & Danny Danziger.

Leif Mustard is on brand this morning.

Now I'm working on a way to easily deal with a large number of monsters rolling a shit ton of dice in combat.

The adventures continue!

This time I wrote a saving roll program for Tunnels & Trolls. It calculates your target number based on the level of the saving roll & your attribute score. Then it rolls taking into account DARO and a certain sense of drama, telling you what you rolled, if you succeed or not, and how many AP you earned.

I'm pretty happy about it.

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I've continued to update my list of excellent free & PWYW RPGs and supplements on DriveThruRPG, with another 10-12 entries added yesterday.

This curated list (based on personal preference and my experience with the products listed) generally excludes previews, quickstarts, micro-supplements, character sheets, and the like, making it easy for folks to discover dozens of great RPGs, zines, and sourcebooks -- and hopefully some hidden gems.


Character sheets, illustrated!

The sign of the Blue Boar Inn for today's 🏹 playtest!


Playtest documents and coins are scattered across a dark oak table.

Thanks to mathsian over on Twitter, I learned some new maths! twitter.com/mathsian/status/96

I programmed my DM42 to take random walks around some polygons and got some gorgeous results.

The Seirpinski triangle I knew was going to happen, but it was still magical watching it melt into existence. The snowflake/he thing I discovered by just messing with how many corners there were and where they were positioned.

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the official INTEGER OF THE YEAR for 2018 has been announced!!!!



Also, I am more proud of this joke than I should be.

Last week I posted about looking forward to getting a DM42 calculator. Over the past 48 hours that post has had more traffic than the whole site got in 2017.

Someone out there is interested in calx.

I've had a DM42 in my grubby hands for a few days now. So I'm posting again to go more indepth as to why it appeals to me specifically as a game designer.

The Calculator’s Game Design | Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing

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If you want, you can watch my brothers and I play a decades old D&D videogame.

Let me tell you, Pool of Radiance is buggy as hell. We have repeatedly broken this game in a variety of ways.

More playing with the DM42 (this one should work fine on Free42 as well).

Just a quick fun little program that turns a number into a song by playing tones based on its first 34 digits (the limit of precision in the calc). Most interesting with an irrational or transcendental number.

03 LOG
04 IP
05 10↑X
06 ÷
07 34
08 STO 00
09 R↓
10 LBL A
12 IP
14 -
15 10
16 ×
17 DSE 00
18 GTO A
19 END

I'm particularly fond of √7 for some reason.

Solved it!

Now I just need to straighten up the program and add some bells and whistles to center the matrix and maybe display more than one at a time, and then I'm ready to share.