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Epidiah @Epidiah@dice.camp

"I feel your trembling, little one. I will not needlessly assuage your fears. Your home is not safe, Leif Mustard, but it is not I who has designs on it."


The constellation shifts its hungry gaze and in its terrible light Leif Mustard glimpses his world entire.


Leif Mustard has never felt smaller than he does right now standing on this ineffable ledge.

But a gnome finds strength in all sizes.


"Welcome, Leif Mustard. I have awaited you for longer than you know."


"Where have you gotten yourself now, Leif Mustard?" this gnome asks himself, fearful that some…thing may deign to answer.


Leif Mustard searches for purchase among the titanic ferns so that he may ascend to the canopy of this rainforest.


A disturbance high in the lush canopy interrupts Leif Mustard's eldritch contemplations.


At long last, Leif Mustard has chosen to risk consulting the bloodstone.


Leif Mustard woke up grumpy this morning. Then he put grumpy back to bed because this gnome has no time for grumpy.


Leif Mustard peers warily at the very edge of the world. Has it moved since last he's been here?


Recent and persistent rains have Leif Mustard sheltering under new foliage.


Intrigue by all that has change since he left, Leif Mustard explores to reacquaint himself with the terrain. He finds odd comfort in the bloodstone's continual presence.


An exhausted but giddy Leif Mustard steps from out of the jungle's heart with a pair of sore feet and a glorious tales to tell. Welcome back, Leif!


Leif Mustard turns to wave goodbye before marching deeper into the forest. The journey ahead will take him and his companion far from our sight, but the tales they will return with!


When danger is afoot, Leif Mustard knows better than to travel alone.


With his party assembled, Leif Mustard delves deeper forestward in search of answers.


A bright and bristling companion joins Leif Mustard on his hunt for the odd noise.