That hashtag seems like a wonderful idea.

I'm Epidiah Ravachol, author & tabletop role-playing game designer, which is exactly how my predictive text tells it.

You may know a few of my works, perhaps most notably Dread, that horror role-playing game that uses Jenga. Or mayhaps Swords Without Master, the sword & sorcery game obsessed with tone.

Or you may not. That's cool. No hurt feelings.

@Epidiah I really enjoy the simplicity of Dread. Thank You!

@Epidiah Ok, Dread sounds awesome from just this description. Have a handy link so I can read more?

@Epidiah I fucking love Dread, so no hurt feelings from this end.

Links for the curious!


My sword & sorcery zine (includes fiction, comics, games & more): www.WorldsWithoutMaster

My publishing company:

@Epidiah Oh, I almost ran a group of Dread for this year's Halloween. Didn't happen (language issues, my wife's German isn't up to that). But looked interesting. And I DO want to run that intro to Sw/oM one day, it also looks quite promising.

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