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Epidiah @Epidiah

DM42 Update! The calc arrived yesterday & I think I lost all of last night playing with it.

I'm enjoying puzzling out how the expanded graphic capabilities change its behavior compared to the Free42 app I'm used to.

I'm working on a program right now that graphically displays a whole matrix instead of one entry at a time. My kind of thrills!

Anyway, I'm celebrating with a sale. The coupon code DM42 gets you 25% off of everything I have at payhip.com/epidiah until the end of February!

So I hit a snag in that matrix program. It just behaved really weird in one specific spot. I couldn't figure it out. I stepped through the program over & over, looking for the error. And after 11 hours of thinking about it, just now, as I'm about to drift off to sleep, I realize I have two errors, one disguising the other.

Now I just need to remember them when I wake up tomorrow.

Solved it!

Now I just need to straighten up the program and add some bells and whistles to center the matrix and maybe display more than one at a time, and then I'm ready to share.