Back at the coffee shop and drawing. :)
Tomorrow I am flying from Montreal to Washington DC to visit my partner and co-author. 💖
I am feeling about visiting the US with all the anti trans stuff I read and heard coming from there. But I guess that things will be ok in DC.

@EvlynMoreau These are great! It feels like the whole adventure wouldhave a different tone with these characters as a party instead of, you know, Generik the Barbarian, Letgolads the Archer and Elrok the Emo Warlock.

Those are quick sketches so there is a lot of typos.

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Sketch of 2 pregens out of 6 for Where the Wheat Grows Tall.
I will make them available as a PDF with their character sheets once I finish them.

I am drawing OSE pregens for Where the Wheat Grows Tall to be able to run it with Camilla for the free RPG day. :)

I am rereading the 40 locations doodle map collective zine I published back in 2018. It is honestly excellent, the perfect setting to play a Macchiato Monsters point crawl. I need to do re-edition of it.

So I have this zine about Cthulhu Mythos tomes stuck in limbo because Call of Cthulhu is not a open license and you have to get Chaosium involved to publish something that use CoC stats. Is there other games than CoC that have stats for eldritch books?

When asking an illustrator to draw something don’t give them background lore, give them visual cues. 🙏
Roleplayers sure like background, history and lore but consider what can actually be visually represented, the rest is mostly noise to be filtered for an illustrator.

As part of my Kickstarter of my book, Seas Of Strangehollow which launches on the 21st I'm also funding a second edition of my first Strangehollow book at the same time! I've just redone the cover! If you want to get notified when the project goes live then my newsletter is linked in my bio above :) #MastoArt

I am working on a doodle maps workshop. ✍️

I am feeling overwhelmed again by all of my unfinished projects and commissions.

I saw Dyson Logos and he gifted me the Cavern of Thracia, sadly an old deadname reprint but still I can start reading it while waiting for the DCC edition and it will be interesting to compare both texts.

People often forget that Jennell also illustrated her own adventures, which is no small feat.

Gifted myself some jawas after deciding to try to run a mini campaign where the players characters are all jawas and scavenged droids. Still uncertain about the game system I want to use.

I will try to post a cleanup version on my Patreon later today.

@EvlynMoreau apologies - I don't think I could have written that sentence any more awkwardly than I did there.

I've heard the title Caverns of Thracia, but I don't know anything else about it.

And you remind me that I should look into it

Oups typo: being uprooted and without connection to my family. What I mean is that I sometimes miss that feeling of connection to people who did things before me. I don’t know, it is difficult to explain.

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