Workin in progress for two troublemaking sisters for a game of super heroes:

Starting from a great map by @EvlynMoreau we at Fallimento Assicurato (an Italian OSR zine), decided to write our first English-only module.

Where in the World is Witch Teresenda? is a weird and cozy system-agnostic . Give it a look, we are really proud of it.

After getting annoyed with too many large TTRPG PDFs having no bookmarks, I delved into ghostscript and pdfmark to insert my own. I vaguely remember some PostScript from a job many moons ago, one I'm glad I'm no longer doing.

Essai du soir pour éviter la "bulle" qui représente la partie.

Monday and we are still surviving. 💜🪴☕️
Gotta do more drawings ✍️

Hello, I want to try to move out a bit of my old school adventures circles to meet and interact with more women and queer people. If you are working on something far away from OSR games and need an illustrator, give me a sign. I piloted a KS that financed 380% and that received very good reviews, I can help make things reach the finishing line.

Yesterday was a really rough and scary day but this morning I was able to put on my makeup and go to the coffee shop. I am still feeling very fragile but at least I am able to doodle.

Thinking about my cats and I wish more that I could be with them instead of them being with me here.

We have launched yesterday. It funded in one day. 😊👻

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I am drawing at the coffee shop. Making slooooow progress on commissions.

Was a good reading but not as good as his previous work.

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