Sketch of 2 pregens out of 6 for Where the Wheat Grows Tall.
I will make them available as a PDF with their character sheets once I finish them.

Those are quick sketches so there is a lot of typos.

@EvlynMoreau I adore them! I really like the Eastern European feel I get from the names.

@AudreyWinter drawing folklore inspired costumes is so much fun, I love to come up with all kinds of patterns, it really work well with my style.

@EvlynMoreau These are great! It feels like the whole adventure wouldhave a different tone with these characters as a party instead of, you know, Generik the Barbarian, Letgolads the Archer and Elrok the Emo Warlock.

@e_eric yeah I wish I could have included something like them in the KS but after finishing the zine I was too burnout to create additional content. Hopefully releasing these pregens will incite people to revisit the adventure.

@EvlynMoreau Definitely! I know it will entice those of us who haven't had a chance to run it yet =)

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