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Playing Blades feels like having a night out with your friends, feeling invincibile and doing whatever you like, and then waking up the next morning knowing you've made some terrible mistakes

I think my favorite mechanic as I'm writing a Forged in the Dark game is Stress. You can do almost anything and survive it all during play, but slowly, it adds up.

Some things that are better than Prep and Big Ideas at your rpg table
- an ability to notice respond to player input
- an ability to notice and deal with negative group behavior
- letting your players talk to eachother
- honest talk and respect for everyone

This isn't something new, really. The question is, does the game simply grant you XP for doing what the designer, or does it these actions feel motivated and justified within the fiction as portrayed, and does it feel good to perform the action

Both - I tried to do X, and it got me XP, but also, I wanted my character to do X and it felt good to do it

I want to clarify one interesting thing - I say I want to reward the player "mechanically and structurally" - by this I mean that not only do you get xp or whatever for doing something, but the game play actually feels rewarding

There's several grammar error that I want to fix, but can't due to the app, sorry about that

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I’m excited to announce that Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars is now live on Kickstarter! Flotsam is a roleplaying game about outcasts, renegades and misfits living in belly of a space station, in the shadow of a more prosperous society.


I think RPG theory should be descriptive instead of prescriptive, just like music theory

It's an abstract understanding of why existing games work the way they do, and using those abstracted ideas to reproduce those experiences, while allowing for remixing and hypothesizing different ways of doing things

(important qualifier: i don't think I actively hate a roleplaying game that isn't explicitly bigoted)

Name two tabletop games in my mentions and I'll let you know which one I prefer


The lack of any official source on how to actually do game design engenders big time impostor syndrome

Trying to exercise the demon in my brain that cares about marketing and mass appeal

Oh damn. Forgot this place existed. Hi all!

The first thing I realized after leaving was that hey, most people are just as full of shit, and the people in that cult? Normal people in bad situations.

I find a lot of people use cults to discuss others, they wind up being drugged up folks in robes worshiping kettles filed with magic oil, as a way of saying: "hey I'm different, I'm normal"

I realized I make games because I wanted to deal with trauma of being raised in a cult, of being lied to my entire life, and of believing that lie sincerely at moments