Thinking of doing a duelling currency system for Proxima - based on the idea that all values are not equal

"Currency" as in money is a problem in the world because it makes all values equally interchangeable, so the same money that is earned destroying the rain-forest can be used to buy a can of coca-cola. Those obviously don't mean the same thing, but money MAKES them mean the same thing


It's also the same sort of thinking that goes into thinking that hitting someone with a sword is roughly the same as convincing them to sell you beer cheaper

So what if, in Proxima, violence, theft and psionic powers had one value (it is extra costly to engage in those activities), while persuasion, perception and investigation was way cheaper. You only get 3 violence/theft/psionic coins, but you get 8 intellectual skill coins?

@EyeofPoseidon I like this conceptually, though for some people perhaps the violent route should be the easier of the two.

@Joystick_Hero Yeah - this could be solved by some characters starting out with more of the "violencecoins" (ugh) than the others

@EyeofPoseidon There is conceptually something very interesting about having a game based around actual currency where you spend resources to succeed at tasks

@Joystick_Hero Yeah. Looking at Undying for inspiration. It's not really similar.

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