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When the durid trys to help with the warlocks ritual but doesn't want to hurt anything.

How players think romance with NPC's should go without putting any effort in.

That player that decides to look at their phone while the rest of the party talks to an important NPC.

Me baiting the next combat with a single gem knowing my players will be unable to resist going for it.

When you cast a level 9 spell in combat for the first time and then the party start rolling for the AoE saving throw and non on them make it.

Me starting to fudge rolls as I promised a family friendly one shoot that has slowly turned into a .

I am not saying there is a right or wrong way to do your chacater sheet. This however is a cursed image:

Mimics don't always need to be chests or random doors. Make a few status mimics like this:

When players are trying to help the town guard investigate some murders happening in town.

Me using facts and logic whenever I need to make judgement and use my inner rules lawyer in a session.

Me talking about what I have planned for a session even tho I know some of my players follow me.

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