"The Fruitful Void" is only narrowly applicable, and mostly caters to my desire to name something after a bit of Forge jargon and then promote it heavily enough to ruin the SEO of "Fruitful + Void + RPG" to protect future game designers.

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Help me name my one-page idealism-forward Star Trek game. Other suggestions are welcome, titles are hard!

"Alight the Cosmos" is fun because it connotes arriving somewhere and being, you know, "a light."

"Once More Unto the Stars" is just a grand, portentous name.

I strongly want to inform smug liberals that "ACTUALLY there are pronouns used throughout the constitution" has the exact same energy as "that's not a very good whistle at all, I can't hear a darn thing."

Honestly I get a lot of joy from making a one-page game where I'm forced to really justify every word I use, and trust players to interpret with reason.

I’m going going to say Moana is a trans allegory just because it’s a piece of media I enjoy (although that’s usually sufficient cause), but gosh there’s a lot of Gender-Adjacent Feels in “How Far I’ll Go.”

Miles's summer goal is to read for 24 hours, and so she's having me time her when she starts and stops reading.

To-day, she comes over to me, holding the books we picked up at the library, and says "Can you please start the timer? I am going to get lost in a book."

Me, struggling not to laugh: "So that book... well it's more of a magazine, with lots of pictures of scantily-clad ladies, uh... smooching."

Her: "I pick that one, it sounds nicer than the others."

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Amber got Fourth House and is rightfully upset about it. Then Miles wondered what we were talking about, so we invited her to take the test with us (briefly forgetting it includes the phrase "Frontline Titties of the Fifth") and she got Third House, which is pretty solid.

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In what I hope will be a surprise to nobody, I have been firmly placed in the Sixth House, where all the nerds live.

(Notwithstanding the fact that “nerd” applies to anyone who takes a What Locked Tomb House Are You? quiz.)

Find out yours: riddle.com/view/394383

What if, instead of doing the paying work with the looming deadline, I started writing something for the One-Page RPG Jam?

What if it was just "let's do Star Trek Adventures but in one page?"


A bad sunburn has forced me to wear loose shirts for a little while, and I discovered that my bras have gone from "aspirational" to "necessary."

I'm just trying to go down stairs but these tits are flying every which way. Think I got hit in the back of the head at one point.

So, my daughter made an infographic about the Big Bang, and insisted that I share it with the world. So hey. Want to learn what a 7-year-old thinks the Big Bang was all about?

It would make her day if you checked it out!


Ooof. I took a ~1 hour nap without expecting to, and let me tell you, that fucks me UP for the remainder of the day. Groggy, panicky, out of sorts.

Okay, so the ass-backwards solution to this problem is that I can convert my text to a series of QR codes, scan them on my phone, and upload them to Google Drive.

This is chaotic, but I can dig it.

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Argggggggh, I got a new writing pad, a Pomera DM100, because my Alphasmart bit the dust.

... and it won't connect to my computer. I've tried everything I can think of. It's great little machine but I don't have a ready way to get text OFF it!

Got a pretty bad sunburn on my back and also my breasts ache like hell these days.

Fortunately, I go to sleep held aloft by magnets and rotating slowly about my long axis like one of those fancy pens you used to see at Sharper Image, so I wasn't inconvenienced by this.

Oh no no no, that wasn't "traumatic," it was just an unpleasant time of my life about which I have extremely visceral and unavoidable flashbacks leading to debilitating anxiety in response to particular triggers outside of my control. Totally different.

The beach had an excellent view of the Space Needle, which Miles was excited by.

It looked a lot bigger in person! instagr.am/p/CgqMfvqrSu6/

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