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re-do for pinning purposes. I'm Brad Murray, of VSCA Publishing and I make and am a . Currently working on Elysium Flare. I wear all the hats.

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: Brad Murray, Game designer, part-time amateur artist, and pro grade procrastinator. diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Deluge.

I was interviewed for an #indiedev blog this week! I like doing interviews. I talk about some of the challenges of being a #gamedev and my game Vegas Prime Retrograde.

This is a very white space. All POCs need to recruit fam

If you're into (mainly tabletop games), then check out the community game share that we're starting up. Get a peek at works in progress, and share your own for feedback!

The Imposters is DriveThruRPG's deal of the day. You can get the PDF at a steep discount. So if you wanted to see several cool, weird games about conspiracies and paranoia, then you should check it out. (I wrote a microgame that is part of the anthology.)

The Imposters is DTRPG's Deal of the Day. It includes my own entry, Light Of Day, where you play government employees looking to steal top secret data and share it with the public. Play with smartphones/laptops to conduct covert actions & roll every turn to see if the GM gets to look through your device.

Results! :)
RT Those of you whose genders are the same as the one they were assigned at birth, how do you feel about the term "cisgender"?

RTs very welcome, because I reckon most of my followers are probably trans!

I'm extremely excited to announce that my first published game, Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy, is now pay-what-you-wish on DriveThruRPG! If you like friendship and raising the dead, this is the game for you! Get it while it's...cold...

Ashadd Nashโ€™s littler derringer blaster has a story behind it because, in Star Wars, things have a story behind them, and itโ€™s not the make and model!

Duel is a 2-player combat game using Fate/Fudge dice, but not using either systems. It involves a "fortune at the beginning" mechanic where you roll at the start of the round to determine how many attacks, blocks, and complications you have to work with. Every + (attack) can be countered with a defence (-) and complications (blanks) can be countered by your opponent's complications until enough harm has come to a warrior.


Hey everyone,
I'm opening up emergency commissions because I really, really need help. Between being put on more expensive medication and very slow job search, I'm in an extremely tight spot this month. "Struggling to pay my rent" kind of tight.

The base pricing sheet is below, but I can work to accommodate any budget. Contact:

You can also help by buying me a ko-fi:
Every supporter gets my Photoshop brush set. I'll do a sketch for 3+ coffees, just tell me what you want in the description.

Boosts help immensely!

Thank you!

re-do for pinning purposes. I'm Brad Murray, of VSCA Publishing and I make and am a . Currently working on Elysium Flare. I wear all the hats.

playtest doc v6 is public and v7 is available for patrons. Playtesters, please check your credits!

Two months ago, a few of us music-makers on Mastodon released these 4 songs, each of which is the result of a random collaboration. You can listen, download, and hopefully enjoy!

#music #mastomusic #creativetoots

THIS WEEKEND ONLY, we're offering a special backer reward - the CROSSNIQ+ soundtrack, on MINIDISC!

This y2k music format is back from the dead to bring you the Ape Escape-inspired sounds of CROSSNIQ+, my late 90's-flavored arcade puzzle game!


Stickers arrived for -- hurray!

Redbubble really delivers on these.

I play RPGs to surprise and delight. That's my goal. On the way to that goal, I achieve .

Not the kind where you're so deep in character that the rest of the table disappears and there is only Kirsten, Princess of Dagobah. That sort of thing is like napalm to the immersion I like.

I am instead immersed in the play itself. I am popping in and out of different stances depending on the goal in the moment. I provide feedback to other players. I reincorporate and synthesize.

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I've a less tearful ep coming out soon for my little video series about death in RPGs. This is the first ep Let Me Live, & the new one is How To Die. I'll eventually be covering the afterlife.

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