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re-do for pinning purposes. I'm Brad Murray, of VSCA Publishing and I make and am a . Currently working on Elysium Flare. I wear all the hats.

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: Brad Murray, Game designer, part-time amateur artist, and pro grade procrastinator. diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Deluge.

Mess with the geography all you want. The topology is preserved and it's the part with mechanical impact.

By which I mean they are cheap to buy so the profit is low so you can't easily make them ethically. Not that they are cheap to make. This language sucks.

VSCA hasn't had a price hike in 10 years. Now it has. Games are too cheap to make.

I recall years back that The Register used to be a little critical of OpenBSD. Lately they've been giving credit to the project for being right. For example, yesterday's article on the new attacks:

"The OpenBSD community, for one, came to that conclusion last year when it disabled Hyber-Threading in OpenBSD 6.4."

"Or maybe someone started tinkering with the Boltzmann constant and thermodynamics stopped working properly. Sometimes these disasters are ongoing. Sometimes they will never end, eventually affecting everyone, though likely only at the speed of light. Unless someone tinkered with that."

Diaspora Anabasis; patrons get bigger peeks.

Anybody else putting out links to RPG blog posts they liked in the last few weeks? I think we need this kind of stuff.

Several thousand words of draft text for _Diaspora 2020_, now with more 2s and special zeroes.And some 50 pages of outline.

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♲ Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given: “don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t ever go to for advice”

Diaspora trade map from our first cluster test.

Second edition Diaspora testing in full swing. Here's our cluster diagram from today.

I need a quick cultural check, but am unemployed and so broke I can't afford groceries, much less a diversity consultant. Can someone who knows something about Zulu culture please help me out so I can get a $1.99 PDF onto DTRPG and maybe pay a bill? All I need is to know if Zakhele Manqoba Khumalo is a plausible name for an 1880s era Zulu man, and the title Udokotela to indicate he's a doctor or biologist. #ttrpg #zulu #rpg #amwriting

just discovered that the name of the instruction used in Burroughs B-series multiprocessors to send interrupts to other processors was called HEYU

and this fills me with *so much joy*

Wondering where I've been? I've been busy teaching!

I teach at the Makerspace of Lighthouse, an experimental school in Holyoke, MA, one of New England's poorest cities. The name of my class is Art That Thinks, but I describe it as "Socioemotional shop class".

Help me teach more!

Talking about phased downtime and more generally heartbeating a game with multiple systems.

FACT: it is ok to be proud of the things you make.

@Halfjack writing about about transliteration in fantasy alphabets, using Tengwar as an example: if you write "l a u g h" using Tengwar, I'm going to cry because I learned English the hard way and the English spelling will surely make all elves cry. And if Fëanor can cry then so can I. And you.

#Necklace in black anodized aluminum and stainless steel, 22in, supports a massive axe pendant. $45 to https// or$tarlimanjoppos Free shipping in USA #maille #chainmail #art #mastoart #heavymetal Unemployed IT guy, still no job, applied for SNAP today Please Boost

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