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re-do for pinning purposes. I'm Brad Murray, of VSCA Publishing and I make and am a . Currently working on Elysium Flare. I wear all the hats.

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: Brad Murray, Game designer, part-time amateur artist, and pro grade procrastinator. diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Deluge.

I'm a queer gamer and game designer, and . I did this video answering a bunch of questions about my queerness and about games. Would you join me in talking about who we are and what queerness and games mean to us? Use & share!

Watch " 2018" on YouTube

Hey, do you want to talk about your queer identity and your experience in games? Join me in answering some questions - as many or few as you want - using !
Please share and enjoy!

Watch " 2018" on YouTube

For my show Leading with Class, we're posting Amazon and B&H Photo wishlists! We appreciate every bit of support. The audio recorder is the biggest need right now, because our current one is very low quality and not quite meeting our needs. Feel free to share!

We also have a Patreon where we post our episodes at Please check out the show and consider supporting!

Running a character sheet competition for _Elysium Flare_ over at … -- try your hand, win a real book maybe! Why? Because I am crap at character sheets.

Is anybody in contact with @vantablack? Lack of posts is concerning considering what they were going through.

Obviously, boost widely.

Elysium Flare is finally out the door! Thank you everyone for your support and your re-shares and your enthusiasm and your help. You are all wonderful.

Script Change has been updated, as it is a living document. If you've used it in a text, check out and reference the current version of Script Change with your products. Contact me with any questions!

Downloadable, formatted:

Soft Horizon playtest makes me want to draw a whole comic, but at one panel per evening we need to wait until 2022.

Where my conlangers at? I need to talk over an imaginary language project.

Hey artists! I'm gathering freelancers to do the interior illustrations for my new RPG, Journey Away, whose Kickstarter is wrapping up. Let me know if you're interested, and also please boost! Women, POC, and members of other marginalized communities encouraged to apply.
Have a look at the game here:

With Elysium Flare now just awaiting my approval of a proof, I've started working on Soft Horizon. Psychedelic fantasy in the spirit of Moebius, Bilal, and Druillet.

It's been a while since I've mentioned this (b/c I've been focused on my Kickstarter), but I made a 5E class called the Mage-Knight that offers an arcane half-caster missing from the PHB.
Reviews are nice. Money is nice. Fun is mandatory. ;)

If you're into and looking for something refreshing, Cecil's _Cold Winter_ finally showed up there. This is some serious work from a very talented nerd.

April 30: Tips

Take tips from people who are successful in the way you want to be.

My proof copies seem to be coming by way of Eastern Europe.

Hey, if any of my Mastopeeps are in the Twin Cities MN area, I'll be running a demo of for International Tabletop Day (this Saturday) starting at 4pm at Source Comics and Games in Roseville. Come on by and say hi!

28. Favorite interview?

Honestly (and I'm really sorry to the interviewers but my old brain just doesn't go back that far) I can't remember the last interview I did. Happy to fix that with a new one though!