Are role-playing games fundamentally about leaving a creative burden to players? Where might that be?

Found this article enlightening and had to reshare it over all my circles and friends. Thanks!

@vjack91 Wow, I'm so glad you found it useful! Thanks friend!

@vjack91 If you want to link me in to any follow up conversations I'd be delighted. Always looking to add more people to my circles.

I think I'll be writing some follow-up theory based on that. To me, it's a wider and new perspective on games.

Also I read "The King Machine development ramblings: On Killing", and I think we really need more games to turn any way to resolve conflicts as efficient as violence (especially when death occurs). Actually, that'll be put in my very next game!

Sadly it's all people outside the Mastodon, or even people I shared the link through Telegram.

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