Lot of unexpected hugs coming in from mastodon, which is awesome. Thank you all.

Jack's in the hospital. I was in ER with her until midnight last night while a queue of specialists came through to assess. She's waiting for a bed in the hospital proper to be readied by she's being admitted. I may visit tonight but she's pretty far gone and I am exhausted, so maybe not. I should and I'll feel guilty for not doing it, but maybe I should recharge.

@Halfjack If I can do anything from a far please let me know. Thinking about ya.

@Halfjack It's a tough place to be. Be there as you can, and, get rest where you need it because it helps to have someone who is (as much as can be) clear headed to help with all the things the hospital inevitably needs (paperwork, questions, etc.) Also, ask if others can help as well, spreading the load goes a long way.

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