Musing on how RPGs distribute narrative authority. Sometimes, as a player, I don’t WANT to build the fiction like a GM does, but I’m fine if other players do. Wondering whether an RPG might offer 3 roles: GM, players who stick to their own character, and something in between?

@JasonT I feel like Fate does this pretty well, although not with explicit roles. It's just a matter of taking or not taking the particular skills that allow players to make declarations about the world. Although that does mostly mean that you're playing someone who just doesn't know things.

@kasshelfant yeah, Fate is good at putting the choice in players’ hands; I’m just thinking also about how to signal to the GM that a player may be uninterested in answering questions like “Why is most of the settlement afraid of Dremmer?” or “What do you see that tells you this place is unsafe?” When I’m tired of GMing and I finally get to play, I feel like that’s offloading work on me I don’t want, but I’m happy for others to do it.


@JasonT "Do you want to tell me why the settlement is afraid of Dremmer?"

@Halfjack or even, “Who wants to tell me why this settlement is afraid of Dremmer?”, possibly offering some folks the spotlight first if they haven’t had a chance to speak up in a while

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