Rediscovering LambdaMOO, a MUD where you have to enter the dungeon in order to program it. The editor is a room you teleport to and shout at until done.

@Halfjack I think @cwebber brought that up recently. Is that the one where you program it in LISP?

@craigmaloney @Halfjack You don't program it in lisp but it's a pretty interesting system. Running since ~ 1990! Anyone can program and contribute to it.

@craigmaloney @cwebber it’s a novel classless OO system where every object is fully instantiated. A smart developer builds a warehouse early on to house all the generic parent class objects.

@Halfjack im on this kick right now where im trying to revive all that old cool stuff in my life, minus the crappy parts... tech life in 2017 is probably the least interesting to me ever. bring back muds in 2017 but done with that holistic feel from the old days! :arcade_stick:

@davidpgil well if anyone starts a fresh MOO project up, I am in. Would love to exercise those programming muscles once more.

@Halfjack #Evennia ( is kinda-like-but-really-MOO. It is Python, and is the most exciting #MUx thing for me. ^_^

I am hoping in time each game type with just be a library you call.

Very different from #LambdaMOO, but feels neat in the same way.

@Halfjack I always thought it would be fun to make one. I have only done hobbyist and basic apps though. I have been fulfilling my retrosim through apps like #Grafx2 the free modernized #Dpaint

@Halfjack I was JUST wondering if it was still running! I was on there a bunch in the early 90s!

@JoshuaACNewman I don’t know if it is—I’m just running a private instance on a vm here.

@Halfjack I've always thought that is how all evil underlords make dungeons. It seems thematic!

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