Have a starmap with hydrogen densities in contour. Go have adventures!

Having some fun with this painting lark. Not my medium, normally, but this is pretty fun.

Weird to be making Elysium Flare ships though. Thought I left that behind me.

Playing with an ink brush called "leaky fountain pen".

Denizen of the next plane our intrepid heroes arrive at! Zkeek is a wandering local technology farmer eager to talk about the challenges of her life.

Best selfie you're going to get from me today.

Sketching from a composite of references. Sand Dogs under attack!

Battling layout and figured out a thing. I love figuring out a thing! Don't know if I actually want text boxes with a backing image but at least I know how.

I am, however, currently working on the layout for the first textual playtest packets....

Tomorrow's the first play playtest for Sand Dogs! We have three characters who work for a slaverunning operation: they find and free slaves from city-states that keep them.

And they start pursued by bounty hunters since freeing slaves is a capital offense.

That's all system generated. We start creating tomorrow!

I love the enthusiasm Jack is delivering to me regarding my FREE PIE! It is almost equal to my own.

Foodora customer service rocks.

Relationship map generated during Sand Dogs char gen playtest.

A young retrievalist clears the sand around a dig site with an ionic sandigger. Diesel powered of course.

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