A world map for one Diaspora: Anabasis system in a new cluster. Ready for play tomorrow!

Mess with the geography all you want. The topology is preserved and it's the part with mechanical impact.

Diaspora trade map from our first cluster test.

Second edition Diaspora testing in full swing. Here's our cluster diagram from today.

Patrons can see the pre-alpha of Committee now.


When it's ready for beta I'll start public releases with a week lead for patrons.

Have a starmap with hydrogen densities in contour. Go have adventures!

Having some fun with this painting lark. Not my medium, normally, but this is pretty fun.

Weird to be making Elysium Flare ships though. Thought I left that behind me.

Playing with an ink brush called "leaky fountain pen".

Denizen of the next plane our intrepid heroes arrive at! Zkeek is a wandering local technology farmer eager to talk about the challenges of her life.

Best selfie you're going to get from me today.

Sketching from a composite of references. Sand Dogs under attack!

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