@cdmnky Discord's response: support.discordapp.com/hc/en-u

(also, it's not very different from every other sharing service and for the same reasons)

The reason why everyone wants to play games like Stardew Valley is because they love the fantasy of autonomy over their work, home, and appearance

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If this is useful please go ahead and use. Banged it out while thinking about tanks in combat.

Savagely depressed. Send cash, private nurse, a night out of the house.

so hi i just got fired.. now would be a real good time to support a broke trans girl. you can find my games at fadingroots.itch.io and buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/fadingroots. would definitely appreciate a signal boost.
my games, if you wanna by them, include Exodus, a game about sad trans angels on the run, and Wreckage in the Ring, about giant robot wrestling.

In case people haven't read through it, I consider this retrospective compilation of Vincent Baker's writings on how RPGs work to be one of the foundational texts of roleplaying game design and theory.

Regardless of what style of RPG you want to make, any RPG designer would be well served to read it carefully all the way through.


@Halfjack Vincent's series on "dice and clouds" is a pretty clear demonstration of the theoretical origins of "fiction first", which is a purely mechanical distinction elevated to the status of a buzzword. Pay close attention to what's happening in rule #3 (and the more complicated #5)


Basically, it's "fiction first" if the rules are mediated through the cloud first, before hitting the dice.

@kensanata The way that games progress characters is kind of uninteresting anyway, as increased (combat) capability doesn't really change the stories it just enables more pages in the monster manual. There's only one axis of change.

@kensanata Maybe look at how fiction advances without characters becoming more powerful. Characters change, alter their ethical framework, their strategies, try to repair or destroy their relationships, progress towards goals, move away from self-destruction.

You might think Björk is an electronic art hero of mine because of her music.

But no.

It’s because of this video.

Today let's talk about Quintet, both the Altman bomb and the boardgame it spawned.


Been thinking a lot lately about what draws me to indie RPGs, and realizing that the sweet, supportive, and progressive people in these spaces are key for me. If it weren’t for people and spaces like these, it wouldn’t matter to me how cool the games themselves are—I wouldn’t be able to get excited about them. I might not even be able to play them—as it is, I only get to play rarely. That mostly leaves talking about games, which I DO do a lot. And I wouldn’t want to talk about games with jerks.

Today a little thought about what I've learned as a game design ronin in the countryside of RPG forums and stuff.


Denizen of the next plane our intrepid heroes arrive at! Zkeek is a wandering local technology farmer eager to talk about the challenges of her life.

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