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After skipping a week due to the holidays, I'm back with a new #FindFamiliar about something fun and exciting coming up for me!

With the removal of #RSS features from #firefox, I was left very disappointed. How can #mozilla backslide on the essential bits of the open web by removing support.

However, @kensanata has, yet again, saved the day by making a lovely bookmark that finds the RSS feeds for pages!

Here is a little holiday present from Alex, passed on by me. Thank you, good Sir!!

You say that Godzilla doesn't go in a nativity scene but history says Godzilla goes wherever it damn well pleases.

Hello internet friends! I just moved from @cattsmall so I'm posting this here. I am a designer and #gamedev who writes about tech, games, and culture. I consider #tech, race, gender, and how these things impact our world.


If you're into the stuff I do, you can support me on Patreon:

I also accept one-time cups of tea:$cattsmall

More ways to support my work:


Thank you! 😻

Sand Dogs playtest today rocked. Bad parachuting, a desperate attempt to land a damaged plane, dislocated shoulder, concussion, and an ancient god awakes.

#5 is Rest, more of an interlude 2 player dream game than a standalone, but also something I've wanted to play for a while. I finished up all of my long campaigns over the past 2-3 months so maybe this will get me to start another.

#ImageDescription for lastboost: Toot from saying:

"Software engineering pro-tip:

Do not, I repeat, do not deploy this week. That is how you end up debugging a critical issue from your parent's wifi in your old bedroom while your spouse hates you for abandoning them with your racist uncle."

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somethingaboutmaps.wordpress.c makes me think of @kensanata 's textmapper

(PS I found my copy of Dictionary of Mu, but it won't arrive before Christmas ...)

thinking about how much of a horrible little fucker i was at the age when a lot of you are now deeply examining gender and capitalism. it just fills my heart

Wikipedia's timeline of future events is full of mind-boggling bits. I especially like this footnote:

"Although listed in years for convenience, the numbers beyond this point are so vast that their digits would remain unchanged regardless of which conventional units they were listed in, be they nanoseconds or star lifespans."

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