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if you pronounce gif as "jiff", then i'm pronouncing jpg as "gaypeg", it's only fair


Jack update!

Some definite improvement. She has a couple of infections and apparently a systemic infection has a known temporary effect on MS patients, exacerbating their symptoms. Anti-biotics are certainly having an effect. She's less confused and her eye has stopped wandering.

A couple more days in the hospital and then we start trying to figure out how to get her back up the stairs. I'll have some help on that.

A New York Times study found that readers were most likely to agree with a statement if it was written in the Baskerville font. The least agreeable font was Comic Sans.

Rumpology is a pseudoscientific method of learning about a person’s character and revealing their past and future by examining their buttocks. It is also sometimes referred to as asstrology.

0.02% of Americans call fireflies ‘peenie wallies’.

Lot of unexpected hugs coming in from mastodon, which is awesome. Thank you all.

Jack's in the hospital. I was in ER with her until midnight last night while a queue of specialists came through to assess. She's waiting for a bed in the hospital proper to be readied by she's being admitted. I may visit tonight but she's pretty far gone and I am exhausted, so maybe not. I should and I'll feel guilty for not doing it, but maybe I should recharge.

Jackie's physical and mental state are both declining rapidly. I'm not sure how I handle this -- the burden of it mixed with the pain of it is tearing me up. Total breakdown this morning which makes things worse, makes me useless.

A world map for one Diaspora: Anabasis system in a new cluster. Ready for play tomorrow!

A 2009 study found James Bond has had ten times as many lovers as the average British male has in a lifetime, with a doctor reporting that “the likelihood of him having chlamydia is extremely high”.

It's awful. It's agorithmically abusive. It provokes the worst in me. And Jack's idea of making it more topic focused is exactly the wrong direction. But it brings more traffic to my than any other platform. I see more of what's going on in gaming through it than anywhere else. And it has abused my privacy way way less than Facebook. I hardly used it before G+ died.

Counter consumerist tunes from my youth -- a profoundly underrated band. Red Herring.

Finally available in digital. I can let that EP go.

Also, it's being led by women. If you have a podcast the time to interview them is now.
The indie RPG scene in the Philippines is exploding.

"You always hear a headline like this, 'Man Killed By Shark', you never hear it from the other perspective, 'Man Swims in Shark Infested Waters, Forgets He's Shark Food'." GARY LARSON

Jedidiah Dore does colorful, breezy illustration in pen and watercolor. He's a regular illustrator of goings ons at NASA.

Ooh, this is neat.

Opens up a hundred tabs on various websites designed to make advertisers think that you're filthy rich, or a crazy doomsday prepper, or some kind of influencer.

Blocking tracking data is sooo 2018. Corrupting tracking data is even better. :D

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