June has ended but, after careful consideration, I think I'll remain ace.

"As a bonus action, the cultist's head flops to the side and his body goes limp as he falls into unconsciousness."

...as a bonus action.

Stray, Live A Live, and Digimon Survive all launching at nearly the same time.


I long for the days we would spell "teh" on purpose.

Moon Harbor complete. After a bit of catching up it's onto the next thing in my backlog. Now....The Interstitial War, Dice Comics, Otherwhere, or Nerds on a Roll?

Finished GaoGaiGar and never in a million years could I have guessed that the final scene is two 10 year olds getting officially married.

None of the game stores in town sell the Digimon TCG. Who do I need to pay to build/send me a GigaSeadramon deck?

I often forget how wild The Digimon Movie is and how amazing of a feat the localizers performed by shoving 2 unrelated movies and an OVA into 1 mostly cohesive piece.

Is it rough around the edges? Yeah. But it kept a smile on my face the whole time and that's what's important.

I've already signed up for a couple, but if anyone is running charity games for reproductive rights I would be glad to play, help organize, or be a general hype man.

Been awake 10 hours. Completed 1 stage of Three Hopes and spent the rest of it doomscrolling.


Fuck all that. Unhealthy? We're fighting FOR the health of people who don't currently have choice. I have just about every privlige under the sun. I can recover. I will be fine. And I will sacrifice my time and sleep again. And again. AND AGAIN UNTIL EVERYONE HAS THAT OPTION. 2/2

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Last time I helped with tech for a charity event, I stayed up for 40 hours to make sure things ran smoothly and could be preserved. When I talk about it, I got so many people telling me that I shouldn't do that again and to think about how unhealthy it is. 1/2

Friends over at @AgentsofD@twitter.com have a habit of adding franchises to the Faewild and just replacing the first letter(s) with Fa or Fae. And, well.....

NPC: So what do you know about these worms?
Me, an aarakocra: Well I am a bird...
DM: Ok, fine. Roll with advantage.

All the Keita art all over my timeline (for his birthday?) makes me want to go back and play Youkai Watch since I never beat it.

You've heard of D&D in a Castle, but get ready for Animon Story in My Apartment.

So I put in "Original Character Do Not Steal" as a prompt, thinking it'd be more Sonic stuff because of the meme. NOPE! Lots of nude anime women. Not posting because obviously, but my disappointment is immesurable.

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