@Hitoshura I think I remember that we are on for tomorrow night but I just wanted to double check, really looking forward to delving back into the Whispering Cairn!

What I want more than anything right now is an audiobook version of Fabled Lands narrated by Kate Redding and Michael Kramer.

Huh, it was surprisingly easy to plug Lamuria, Mu, and Atlantis into the existing migratory patterns established for early hominids. Now I just need to work out just over 3,000 years of cultural events across three continents without making the mistake of "everything was my cool people's idea" or "my cool people were totally unaffected by that huge event". At least it makes sense that none of the three are full of magical white people. Seriously, how could anyone think that?

@Judd Any plans on returning to Daydreaming about Dragons?

Here are the population numbers for Atlantis circa 500 BCE.

3 metropolises 2,250,000
50 cities 3,750,000
66 Burgs 495,000
600 Townships 450,000
8,000 Villages 600,000
Tribes 3,110,000 (~400 separate tribes)
Homesteaders 2,500,000
Wanderers 1,250,00
Vagrants 600,000

As you can see, this fits with the distribution of Meso America and Northern Europe at the time more than east Asia or the Middle East. That makes a lot of sense to me.

In case you're curious about my secret project, it turns out that if you divide up Atlantis into your standard six-mile hexes, it's about 6,666 hexes. And at the time of it's disappearance would have had a population around 15 million. That's a fairly low population density for a whole continent with at least one metropolis on it, the city of Atlantis itself. That tells me it's mostly unsettled and possibly unexplored. Why might that be?

@Hitoshura There is a brief recap on the Roll20 forum page that I wrote. If you do an in character recap and post it to the forum I will give you a Hero Point (+1d6 to any roll).

That the song that made me a Dave Matthews Band fan was Crash says more about where I was musically when that song came out than just about anything else I can think of. That was about the same time Jewel was the queen of my heart and as she says, "dreams last for so long."

When MC Chris penned the words "My backpack's a jet" no one had yet seen Attack of the Clones, the Clone Wars TV show was almost a decade away, and the Book of Boba Fett was just a dream hidden from the minds of it's creators. And yet it remains as relevant as ever and slaps though that phrase would have meant nothing John Fewel as he sat down to sing out that first, iconic line.

There is still another slot available in a new D&D campaign run by me, Saturdays at 8pm. This is a classic Greyhawk campaign using 5e. Note to players, regardless of the system, I am a Powered by the Apocalypse GM so even though we are playing a prewritten campaign, we will definitely be playing to find out what happens even if things go wildly off path.

I am a pantheosexual. I will fuck with any god or goddess that wants to fuck with me.

The wait is over. It’s time to get those monks headbanging at the table with the Way of the Vessel Subclass.

Get your free copy today! Its up on the all the big sites, find it under one of the Metallonomicon links, here: linktr.ee/gnomelackey

Has anyone here run The Lavender Hack?

This confident, muscular mélange of B/X D&D, PbtA, The Burning Wheel, The White Hack, The Black Hack, and more is currently in alpha -- albeit the most complete alpha I've ever seen -- and free in PDF.

It's full of catnip for me: managing the fellowship, factions, exploration, resources, and relationships; a hometown that develops during play; and a progressive, inclusive take on OSR design and play.


There is no labor shortage, there is a pay shortage. Pay workers what they are worth and you'll be surprised how fast you find qualified, eager candidates.

Personal irony: listening to Download this Song by MC Lars on Pandora and realizing how dated it is now compared to the model it was lambasting. Life is weird.

Designing Dungeons Episode 2, Chrisy Mannon and I start filling in the map with a bit more detail. I love coming up with story with her so much!


We will be recording Episode 2 of Designing Dungeons over on Twitch at 9pm Eastern. Come and join us as we flesh out this delightful map from @dysonlogos


Time to draw the dungeons!

I stream Tue / Thur / Sat from 1-4pm Eastern.

Last stream we got the first two sections of this spiralling descent into the dark places under the earth. Today we'll draw the lowest section and a side view of the dungeon.


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