I love how relatable Chronicles of Narnia is. I mean, these kids walk into a closet and meet a cat that's convinced it's really a god. We've all had that experience, right?

This thought brought to you by my fiance and I wondering why it's always teens chosen to come save kingdoms from evil sorcerer's. If you want the kingdom free of an invading evil army, magically teleport in some moms!

"What are you talking about 'slay the dragon' I don't do heroin anymore and I have to pick my kids up at three!"

"Hold the line you scaberous dogs, I have laundry to get folded and I don't have time to deal with your cowardly retreat!"


"Hun, I get it, the king is a prick but you're taking it out on his people, not him. Why don't we just poison the king, let your daughter marry the prince and I can get home to my own two kids."

"Orcs will be orcs is no excuse for this kind of behavior young man! Now, kindly go fix that fence you and your hoard knocked down and help the farmer find those sheep. I don't want to hear an apology until that's done."

I would absolutely read that book or watch that show.

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