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📌 Hi!
I'm Jacob, and I'm super into , so much so that I'm trying to launch a career with it.

I'm designing whole original 's (like , the non-challenge based fantasy RPG, releasing later this year), and also smaller projects (like content over on DMsGuild.com, such as the Mage-Knight class).

By supporting my work, you can get access to cool stuff like sneak peeks, art previews, early playtest versions, and more!



Hey folks,
I've made some updates to my #RodentRangers Kickstarter preview, including a new backer level where you get an early playtest version and your name in the credits.

I plan to launch Tuesday, 09/25/2018. Let me know what you think!

Hey friends!

Would anybody be willing to offer some feedback on my new #RodentRangers Kickstarter page before I launch? The video's not ready and I haven't added stretch goals, but I'd love to get feedback nonetheless.

If you're willing, here's the preview link:

I hope to launch on Tuesday, 09/25, so any thoughts before then would be great.


P.S. Boosting is great too!

Don't forget: this weekend is your last chance to get some custom #DnD content designed just for you!

Details in the linked post:

Only 3 days left for my #DnD giveaway!

Want custom #DnD5e content designed for you? Just go to the linked toot, boost, follow, and reply with what you want! A winner will be randomly selected on Monday!

Here's the link:


I'm doing a #DnD giveaway! Now's your chance to get some D&D content custom made just for you!

Go to the toot linked below and follow the instructions to enter. And remember, if I reach 150 followers by the deadline, there will be TWO winners!



Celebrating that I've hit 100 followers, one lucky winner (or 2 if I somehow reach 150) is gonna get some custom #DnD content designed by yours truly!

How to enter:
• Follow
• Boost
• Reply to this toot with what you'd like

Your request can be a race, feat, spell, magic item, or subclass. Just tell me what you want it to be about, and hit those follow and boost buttons!

This is open for one week: end-of-day Sept 16 is the deadline.

Good luck, and thanks for following!

Right now, I have 94 followers here on Tabletop Social. When I reach 100, I'll launch another giveaway.

And here it is: the final version of my Beginner's Guide to #DnD, now available FREE on the DM's Guild!

If you like it, don't forget to leave a rating/review!

Reminder: I'm transitioning to a more focused account over on the Tabletop Social instance. You can follow me here:

if you're moving instances:

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#introduction #introductions
Hello Tabletop Social!

My name is Jacob, and I'm a fledgling new game designer, currently focusing on #ttrpg stuff, including brand-new games and #DMsGuild content.

You can find all my #DnD creations here:
(This will include things I release in the future, so bookmark it!)

You can also get new games, art previews, beta docs, and more by supporting my work on Patreon:

Finally, check my bio for alt accounts and more!

Just a reminder, I'm transitioning to a new account over on Tabletop Social. You can follow me here:

And remember folks:
If you like my #DnD designs from that giveaway, don't forget I'm publishing stuff semi-regularly on the DM's Guild as well. You can find everything I've published here:

Not only that, but I'd also be happy to give you feedback on your own designs!

Finally, if you'd like to see WIPs of both #DnD and other RPG content that I create, check out my Patreon:

Here's the new #DnD cleric domain designed for my giveaway's second winner, @DialMforMara – the Home domain!
While most clerics adapt to a life of adventuring, Home domain clerics either stay in place to nurture a small group of loved ones or even bring a sense of "home" with them on the road. Hope you like it!
(I actually really want to play this one...)

Thanks so much for following! Anyone who likes my work can support me by boosting my toots or via the links in my bio

The first #DnD design for my recent giveaway is complete!

For @Nerdahedron, here's your new elemental-themed race: "Vessels"
Descended from the human test subjects of magical experimentation, vessels have had their ties to the material plane removed and replaced with a tie to an elemental plane.

@DialMforMara's new cleric domain should be done later this week!

Everyone else, here's a free semi-automated character sheet:

Idea for #DnD games:

Short rests don't take one hour, they take one scene.

Make me believe some downtime happened? Congrats, short rest completed.