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(For those who don't know, @PurpleAetherGames is my company account, so that art request I boosted is from me.)

(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone for cover art for an upcoming TTRPG. It involves anthropomorphic dice adventurers.

If interested, reply with portfolio/examples of your work, and we'll go from there.

I'm preparing KS reward surveys for the first time and I was already worried about messing up, then I see this:

Day 24: What game do you want to take apart and make into something new?

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to make a Blades in the Dark hack that's all rainbows and unicorns and flowers and sparkles. Possibly with those as the four stats.

Tonight I'm joining a game that's set in from , which I'm totally geeking out about, and on top of that I'm playing a Mage-Knight, which is a class I designed myself as a fighter/wizard hybrid. (It's PWYW on DM's Guild, if you're curious.) Super stoked!

Day 22: Why play/make games in the style/genre you do?

I made to be non-challenge-based because that's such an underexplored method of gaming. As much as I love challenge-based gaming, we shouldn't limit ourselves unnecessarily.

As for genres, fantasy has always been my first love, probably at least partly because you're allowed to laugh, but also I think it's always just felt... comfortable to me? I guess?

Not nearly as dangerous as I anticipated. Guess I'm too soft?

Looks like tonight's session might reach the boss fight against the legendary custom bone naga. Thinking about starting the fight by folding up my DM screen and saying "good luck".

Day 20: Who would you really like to game with?

I would love to have a table full of folks who are still worried RPGs might be dangerous. I would love to help them understand.

Day18 (late): Where do you play that encourages your creativity?
I don't think I've played in a wide enough variety of places to have noticed that particular variation. Sorry. :/

Intrusive thought today: that when the DM of the game I'm joining sees I'm using the alternate sheet instead of the default sheet, they'll see it as a sign of powergaming and get mad.

Did a bit of venting over on G+. I'd be curious to hear other folks' experiences along similar lines.

You know how I said Script Change is a living document? Well, it got an update today! Download the latest print-ready version free here: briecs.itch.io/script-change

Check out my website (briecs.com) for the raw text!

Day 16: What's your preferred environment to play, and why?

Someplace quiet enough for us all to hear each other, because having to strain to listen or be heard really makes it hard to engage the story properly.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate when a FLGS allows the free use of their space, because sometimes that's the only way a game will happen (even my own home can't really accommodate a game). Even so, those spaces tend to come with serious background noise issues.

I finally wrote a Patreon post with updates since the last time I wrote one 👀 patreon.com/posts/18831571

The animated armor gave them trouble because they have very few means of inflicting damage outside of attack rolls against AC, which is basically the worst way to attack animated armor.

The scarecrows were easier because this group will take any excuse to light things on fire.

tonight! The party is finally 3rd level, so I can finally start throwing the fun stuff at them (like shadows and oozes) instead of "Yet Another Woodland Creature Bites You".

We're starting off our first proper dungeon: an ancient keep lost to time, now underground and consumed by cave formations, which houses the magical prison of an ancient evil whose presence blights the region.

Lucky for the PCs the villain has been degenerating for like a couple millennia before this fight.

Day 14: Where do you get inspiration for characters/settings/design?

For my PCs, I like to make them stand out by making them a decent, well-adjusted person. ;)

For settings, I like taking something "stock" and either solving something (like the fantasy race issue) or putting in a new twist, or even just inventing better reasons for established tropes.

For design, it's usually been "What if the dice had this OTHER role, not just succeed/fail?"

Learning InDesign is friggin exhausting