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📌 Hi!
I'm Jacob, and I'm super into , so much so that I'm trying to launch a career with it.

I'm designing whole original 's (like , the non-challenge based fantasy RPG, releasing later this year), and also smaller projects (like content over on, such as the Mage-Knight class).

By supporting my work, you can get access to cool stuff like sneak peeks, art previews, early playtest versions, and more!


Good morning #Mastofam!

Guess what? I've been interviewed about #RodentRangers over on the Thoughty blog! Check it out:

Remember, there's still time to save this project if we can get it in front of enough sets of eyes!

Hey friends!

If you can't back #RodentRangers financially but still want to support the project, I've just learned about an easy way to do so!

If you go to the linked page and click the green "Visit Project" button, the traffic will help RR rise to the top of the listings on the site, expanding visibility.



Last but not least, meet Nico Greywhisker, one of the most accomplished team leaders of the #RodentRangers. They're clever, brave, and earned their reputation for always getting the job done. When the going gets tough, the tough look to Nico.

Meet the nefarious Rupert Silverclaw. Wealthy and arrogant, his every move is motivated by greed and vanity. Whether he's stealing human artifacts or coercing craftsmice to create small replicas, Silverclaw is ever a thorn in your side.

Say hello to Professor Cedric Scamperton. While he may not be a strong leader and needs a bit of looking after, his broad knowledge of many academic topics makes him a valuable asset on missions that involve unsolved mysteries.

Meet Meredith Quickfoot, known as "Officer Quickfoot" to her field agent subordinates like yourself. But don't let her decorum fool you: she's always looking out for her agents, and believes in your ability to get the job done!
Learn more here:

Okay #Mastofam, where can I get in touch with large groups of #furries? Is there an instance with a major #furry presence that I could reach out to?

My livelihood may depend on this.

Goooooood morning lovely #Mastofam!

Did you miss the news yesterday? The #RodentRangers Kickstarter has launched!

This is the game where you can be a mouse (or other small critter of your choice) and go on adventures under the noses of oblivious humans.

If any of your followers might be into that, gimme a boost! Get the word out! Here's the link:

The Rodent Rangers Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Check out the latest project from Purple Aether Games, where you get to go on mouse-sized adventures under the feet of oblivious humans:

My Rodent Rangers Kickstarter is now live!

Want to be a squeak? Want to bask in 80s cartoon nostalgia? Want a non-violence-oriented game?

Check it out!

Hey folks,
I've made some updates to my #RodentRangers Kickstarter preview, including a new backer level where you get an early playtest version and your name in the credits.

I plan to launch Tuesday, 09/25/2018. Let me know what you think!

Hey friends!

Would anybody be willing to offer some feedback on my new #RodentRangers Kickstarter page before I launch? The video's not ready and I haven't added stretch goals, but I'd love to get feedback nonetheless.

If you're willing, here's the preview link:

I hope to launch on Tuesday, 09/25, so any thoughts before then would be great.


P.S. Boosting is great too!

Don't forget: this weekend is your last chance to get some custom #DnD content designed just for you!

Details in the linked post:

Only 3 days left for my #DnD giveaway!

Want custom #DnD5e content designed for you? Just go to the linked toot, boost, follow, and reply with what you want! A winner will be randomly selected on Monday!

Here's the link:


I'm doing a #DnD giveaway! Now's your chance to get some D&D content custom made just for you!

Go to the toot linked below and follow the instructions to enter. And remember, if I reach 150 followers by the deadline, there will be TWO winners!



Celebrating that I've hit 100 followers, one lucky winner (or 2 if I somehow reach 150) is gonna get some custom #DnD content designed by yours truly!

How to enter:
• Follow
• Boost
• Reply to this toot with what you'd like

Your request can be a race, feat, spell, magic item, or subclass. Just tell me what you want it to be about, and hit those follow and boost buttons!

This is open for one week: end-of-day Sept 16 is the deadline.

Good luck, and thanks for following!

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