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📌 Hi!
I'm Jacob, and I'm super into , so much so that I'm trying to launch a career with it.

I'm designing whole original 's (like , the non-challenge based fantasy RPG, releasing later this year), and also smaller projects (like content over on DMsGuild.com, such as the Mage-Knight class).

By supporting my work, you can get access to cool stuff like sneak peeks, art previews, early playtest versions, and more!



Hey all, did you know that Thoughty is my only income right now? It's supported by my Patreon at Patreon.com/briecs. At Thoughty I do interviews, talk about games, theory, & community, & even sometimes release free games like I love you and I adore you! Any support is great!

Current side project: designing a bundle of backgrounds for PCs whose former lives didn't quite go to plan.

Tentative titles so far include:

I'm especially excited about the Amnesiac.

The premise for the game is an international organization of rodents who are sent on missions to solve problems and help those in need. The game is centered on the branch whose HQ is in the basement of the (humans') British embassy in the US.

Wow, lots of replies, thanks!

To clarify, part of the reason for this design is because things like Mouse Guard *don't* handle the "living in the shadows of the real human world" angle, instead making the mice the primary civilization of the planet.

This is very much like the movies I cited, where humans go about their business and rodents scavenge their materials and use needles for swords and thimbles for stools and so forth.

So my brother wants me to publish his RPG that's based on cartoon mice in the underground of human society; i.e. Great Mouse Detective, Fivel Goes West, Rescuers Down Under, etc.

Is there demand? Boost if you'd like to play a game like that.

Here's the thing:

Nobody jumps straight from normalcy to abusing content creators. There are stepping stones along the path, connected with a common thread of a lack of empathy.

Right now, DropTheDie may be defending others, but as likely as not it's because he's protecting what he likes. His lack of empathy shows in his cartoonishly overblown contempt for anyone who crosses him.

Give him a few years and he'll be on the other side of the argument.

I was shocked, and replied to his tweet with a "dude, spoilers" type of thing.

He replies with "I do not exist to please you".

What? Like the only reason you would care about spoiling things for your fellow fans is if you existed to please them?

He goes on to explain his virtue and how my concern is less than worthless.

Like, I understand that the abuse toward the CR folks is a bigger deal, but seriously? Less than worthless?

Anybody here watch ?

I haven't seen the latest episode, but apparently something big and dark happened and some fans are abusing Mercer & Co because of it.

I learned this via Twitter, where most folks called out the BS while only referencing "what happened last night", etc.

Until this one dude, who called out the BS (which is good!) while announcing clearly exactly what the huge event was (which is a major spoiler; like, biggest in the story so far).

"Stigmatise those who let people die, not those who struggle to live."

I appear to have suddenly lost the ability to pay my artists...?

I woke up to $7 from halfway funded!

Behind the Masc is so important to me, and I think what we're putting inside is super cool. Maybe a zine about non-cis masc people reenvisioning masculinity through games and art will be your thing too! tinyurl.com/behindthemascKS

It's Friday the 13th! In honor of this day, I'm going to tell you all the story of how my good-aligned cleric sent the world to hell.

A while back, I was making a PC for a homebrew campaign, and decided to play on the fact that when you really think about it, clerics and warlocks are just slight variations on the same concept: you're given powers by a powerful entity in exchange for service.


So there you have it: thanks to a clever demon and a gullible warlock, the world is threatened with hellfire, and we may end up with a boss fight where we have to kill a good man to save the world.
Happy Friday the 13th, everybody.


So now our new characters are exploring ruins of the ancient tiefling empire and wondering why old murals are depicting our god of light as some kind of demon lord who was overthrown by devils and tieflings. What blasphemy is this?

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, an honestly good-aligned and very persuasive "cleric" is teaching everyone about the good Mordoloth. When news of demonic incursions reaches him, he'll probably preach all the more urgently the salvation of Mordoloth.


Guess what the new adventure hook is?
The priests of this temple were conducting a "consecration" ritual, and much to their surprise, it ended with demons pouring out of a portal to hell.
But everyone knows that Mordoloth is a god of light, soooo...

CLEARLY the forces of hell didn't want the consecration ritual to complete, so they sent a force of demons at the last second to disrupt the ritual and defile the temple of Mordoloth. Yep. That's definitely what happened.


Fast forward to this summer, and a fresh batch of characters is starting a new adventure that begins a year after the events of the previous arc. Guess what? The capital of Boroshire has a temple to Mordoloth, founded by Taman, who left to continue spreading the good word.


That adventure arc ended a while back with a fight against a usurper of the goddess of death and the awakening of a mountain-sized dragon. Half the party died, but the "cleric of Mordoloth" was miraculously spared. Then the campaign went on hiatus for a while.


So now we've got our "cleric" of Mordoloth, complete with healing magic, Sacred Flame, "blessings" to hand out (bardic inspiration), "divine protection" (mage armor, etc), a drive to do good, and a high CHA with which to tell everyone it's all in the name of Mordoloth.