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Alright, it is too quite here. Time to get everyone to reply to a message and get people talking:

What are some weird sources of inspiration for characters you've made?

@Canageek I made a character based on my observation of the thematic similarity between 5E clerics and warlocks: they're both tied to a powerful being who gives them magical powers.

So I made a 7 WIS "cleric of Mordoloth" who is actually a warlock with an infernal patron. Insists he's a cleric, and can "prove" it: has Cure Wounds (from a 1-level bard dip), can cast cleric cantrips (from Pact of the Tome), etc.

Meanwhile, Mordoloth and friends basically get "The Truman Show" in hell. ;D

Jacob S Kellogg @JacobSKellogg

@Canageek I should also note that he actually believes it (hence the 7 WIS). He honestly thinks he's a cleric of "Mordoloth, god of goodness and light" runs around doing good in the name of an archfiend.