It’s 2020! Is anybody doing an tabletop game jam about cyberpunk yet? Don’t make me host this myself, nerds—I’ll put in stupid guidelines about needing to use neon or make references to CRT television screens. Just you watch me.

thanks to the lovable madman who just paid double the asking price for an in-development game, just to be nice, as far as I can tell

Really informative breakdown of how After the War, a kickstarted RPG, ended up with a budget shortfall despite an apparently successful campaign. And good on Jason for making sure everybody (but him, sadly) still got paid above market rate.

That's way too many options, and I'm pretty sure I'm even forgetting some stuff that should be on this list. If you have ever enjoyed my games and anything on this list sounds especially interesting, though, feel free to help me narrow down what to focus on next!

UNTITLED URBAN FANTASY TAROT GAME: Had a blast running this "Lady Blackbird meets Monster of the Week with tarot" game at Metatopia, but the excellent group was at least 75% of that. I'd love to build on the parts that did work, though, perhaps even for multiple tarot games.

EXHUMED: I'd love to expand my original soulslike pamphlet into a collection of one-page dungeons, optionally linked into a unified campaign, likely statted for old school D&D. The original pamphlet (with its own rule set) is available free:

ODD LUCK CHARMS: A card-based game about ordinary people going to great lengths to acquire everyday objects with impossible powers, inspired by The Lost Room. Fun in playtests, but also, rules don't quite work yet. Enjoy the not-quite-working rules free:

NIGHTTIDE: Diceless, token-based, roleplay-heavy game inspired by Bloodborne. Currently page long, but I'd like to revise and expand based on playtest feedback, then playtest some more. Get it free here:

EVERYDAY MAGIC: The modern-day occult underground is mostly wannabes and slackers whose magic is about as effective as just talking to people. But sometimes, maybe, REAL power is obtainable, albeit via planet-eating horrors. Rules based on a Fate hack that plays like an OSR game.

NOOSPHERE: What Numenera might have looked like if it were built on Into the Odd. Far-future exploration, random options for "I'm a _____ _____ who _____" characters, and lore/setting details are optional (character knowledge = player knowledge, and sheltered rubes are default).

DROPSHIP: Knave hacked for lo-fi sci-fi. Started as a Mothership conversion, but considering turning it into a bare-bones core with 1-page rules modules for things I'd want for a variety of settings—psi, cybernetics, skills, fear/panic, space combat, alien politics, whatever.

As the craziness from holidays and a move calm down, I'm looking forward to getting back to expanding and revising Agents of the O.D.D., and can't help but be distracted by what I might focus on afterward. Threading some options I've been kicking around.

This bundle is nuts (in a good way). Over $200 in games for $10, and I bet some familiar items from your wish list. Glad to have been able to include Agents of the O.D.D. and 3 lightweight soulslike games.


Hey, folx! I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a charity bundle you might wanna snag and which benefits my friend and an incredible designer in her own right,

First, a link!


If you are an educator and/or a game designer, I bet you will find this thread about powered-by-the-apocalypse tutoring as fascinating as I do.

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