Since May, I thought I missed submitting to by mere seconds.

Apparently, there was a glitch.

I actually made it with 29 seconds to spare, but didn't make the draft post public until now. Four months late.



Finally getting around to putting my hobbyist RPGs in one place online. This week, 2 free jam games—one with 36 otherworldly travelers & 36 strange portals, the other a quick intro to roleplaying that fits on a business card. More on the way soon.



I wanted to play Troika! but with Tunnel Goons rules, and then announced , and I got a little carried away.



I made a business-card-sized intro RPG for . Then, in a very on-brand move, I revised it with a devlog exceeding the word count of the actual game. It's free, but I can't PREVENT people from donating, so I just made my first tabletop game sale.


Must remember not to run Twitter polls on the account with 18 followers 🤔

Need an appropriately goofy name for this Tunnel Goons + Troika! hack about interplanar exploration, supply delivery, and treasure hunting. Portal Goons? Wormhaul? Aethernauts?

If anybody beats me to a Tunnel Goons + Troika! inspired hack for , OR even just a hack with the title "Portal Goons"—after I spent all night writing d66 tables for odd Skills and Possessions!—I will be very sore indeed.

This amnesiac character creation hack by of's Tunnel Goons would make for a nice, minimalist soulslike game:

Haven't blogged in awhile, but still playtesting Grave. Today's session ended with a plan to postpone closing the gates to the underworld to instead start a weapon lending library for the impoverished, win their hearts, and turn them against the giant insect wizard they worship.

Hey, since my game Wizards of the Three Moons is nominated for a Best Setting Indie Groundbreaker Award, maybe this is a good time to check it out? The book: … The anthology deck (not required but strongly recommended)

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