Just learned that Everway 2nd edition is on the way (without, as far as I can tell, anybody who did the 1st edition). facebook.com/EverwayGame/

@JasonT the difference between Dice Camp RPGers and MeWe RPGers in a nutshell: over there, comments have focused on correcting me on the precise definition of “win”

Extremely dismayed to have lost almost the entirety of a very wordy WordPress post that I was writing directly in-editor. Oh well. Back to it, I guess.

TFW you only playtest once a month and your monthly game has to be cancelled at the last moment....

How the hell did I write a 3300 word blog post about a game that isn't even done

This post is a good illustration of why, when asked in job interviews about areas in which I hope to improve, I tend to answer, "conciseness."

Well, at least the Twitter-to-Mastodon one went through! That means I can now auto-post from my blog to Mastodon. Hooray!

Now for a short tweet to test cross-posting between Twitter (twitter.com/pretendogames) and Mastodon (dice.camp/@JasonT). The one on the Mastodon side hasn't gone through yet—hopefully this one on the Twitter side fares better!

Now for a short tweet to test cross-posting between Mastodon (dice.camp/@JasonT) and my Twitter (twitter.com/pretendogames).

Just tried to hook up my Mastodon account (dice.camp/@JasonT) with my gaming blog's Twitter account (twitter.com/pretendogames) to cross-post. WordPress automatically tweets each blog post, but can't do that to Mastodon without a plugin (and I'm too cheap to upgrade my WordPress.com membership to install plugins, and too busy to run my own WP installation).

The first test, of course, is to see what happens when I write a toot so long it can't fit in a tweet. Should be fun!

Sometimes I get game ideas in my sleep. They're usually not very good, seeing as how I'm unconscious. pretendo.games/2019/02/14/dung

Thinking aloud about using a deck of cards as a radomizer (which I actually think is not a great idea, at least without introducing player hands, but is nevertheless fun to ponder). pretendo.games/2019/02/14/1d52

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