I've made a few edits to a couple of my older microgames and added them as pay-what-you-want downloads to my Itch page. jasontocci.itch.io (1/3)

Odd Luck Charms is a card-based game (in active development) inspired by The Lost Room and Warehouse 13, about the modern-day oddballs and obsessives who collect ordinary objects with extraordinary powers. Now includes a brief playtesting scenario. jasontocci.itch.io/odd-luck-ch (2/3)


Searchers of Lost Souls is a one-page soulslike RPG built on Searchers of the Unknown, including some lightweight magic rules and simple mechanisms to emulate stamina and encumbrance in video games like Dark Souls and its ilk. jasontocci.itch.io/searchers-o (3/3)

@JasonT In the example, shouldn't Lennox have 4 AT? At AC 12, you'd have 14, 16, 18, and 20 between your AC and 21.

@JasonT Looks like the MV rate in the example is off, too -- should be 8, if I'm reading it right.

@kasshelfant You are correct twice! I made some changes to the rules, but neglected to change the sample character to reflect them. Just updated the game on Itch. Thanks!

@JasonT No problem! It's a really tidy little rules set. I love that you give rules for souls per enemy; I get really hung up on how much to reward players and love the clarity!

@kasshelfant Thanks! Also, if you don't get to play super often (like me) and your players want to level up more quickly, my recommended house rule is to use those soul guidelines as what EVERY player gets when defeating an enemy, rather than split between players.

@kasshelfant Oh jeez, thanks for making me look at this, the dodge rule is broken too. 😂 I'll fix that later tonight!

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