Which makes a nicer softcover POD: DTRPG or Lulu? (In case it matters: low page count, perfect bound, black and white interior, and I really only care about the book’s physical quality in this case, not other factors.)

@JasonT Honestly they are very similar. There's no deal-breaking difference.

@JasonT But for what it's worth, and all other things being equal, I found Lulu substantially more straightforward to get it done.

@Halfjack @JasonT As a consumer the one thing that I noticed about Lulu vs DTRPG was page quality, with Lulu being slightly better. That said, that anecdote is over 4 years old so that's subject to change.

@craigmaloney @Halfjack Cool, thanks. I was tempted to order DTRPG just to compare (ordering The King Machine, already have Sand Dogs from Lulu), but this whole conversation here abs elsewhere just got me annoyed at DTRPG for unrelated reasons. So much for only being concerned with physical quality.

@craigmaloney @Halfjack Someday autocorrect will stop changing “and” every time I type it, but not today

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