A conversation here on got me thinking it's time to take an inventory of all the unfinished games I've been "working on" since forever. Time to decide which should be finished up, moved to the back burner, or abandoned entirely. Here's the first item on the chopping block.

Inventory management, part 2: In which I invite you to tell me that there are already enough post-apocalyptic nuclear-wasteland games for The Black Hack.

@JasonT it's true, and I know a guy who's working one that hasn't been announced.

Inventory management, part 3: In which I talk myself out of spending a lot of time making new OSR system hacks (by talking myself into just rolling them into other, equally nerdy projects).

@JasonT I like the sound of that blackjack-style mechanic for handling degree of success.

@admiralducksauce In the d20 roll-high-under system? I enjoy it—probably first encountered it in Whitehack, which also includes a mechanic for rolling under a low range (specifically in combat; you have to roll under your attack value, but over enemy's armor class). And while I enjoy "only players roll," it's also handy for contests, as you can say "highest successful roll, tie goes to highest stat."

@JasonT I recently learned from Twitch that 3:16 works like that as well.

Inventory management, part 4: I have spent way too much time trying to hack games to run In Nomine. Latest linked here is a Lasers & Feelings hack that might actually work!

@JasonT Disclaimer: I've just run L&F the once, but it was fun. What you have seems legit.

@admiralducksauce Thanks! Still working out a few things, so that is reassuring!

Inventory management, part 5: Why I'm not making a game about ninjas in the future (even though I remain a fan of both ninjas and the future and combinations thereof).

Inventory management, part 6: Rules in progress for a diceless game to play action/survival horror games focused on tight resource management. I sure hope they actually work.

Inventory management, part 7: Why I am sad to put Youthful Secret Kung-fu Cryptids on the back burner.

Inventory management, part 8: I'm not going to let myself make more Lasers & Feelings hacks right this instant, damn it.

Inventory management, part 9: A probably inadvisable adaptation of Eclipse Phase into The Black Hack rules, which I'll probably spend more time on it anyway.

Inventory management, part 10: I definitely have to run some Into the Odd soon so I can comfortably hack that game from now into eternity.

Inventory management, part 11: "Perfect" is the enemy of "just getting this damn tarot game done that I started way back in 2011."

Inventory management, part 12: A TTRPG for when you want to keep nerding out over Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma, but staring at the TV without blinking is making your eyes shrivel up into little raisins

Inventory management, part 13: A summary to date.

My first post on the new blog (after the obligatory "here's my new nerd blog" post) takes stock of the games on my plate, including Exhumed, Odd Luck Charms, an untitled tarot urban fantasy RPG, an unreasonable number of Into the Odd hacks, and a video game/board game.

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