Ultraviolet Grasslands arrived while I was listening to the doom metal playlist I made from bands I learned about from the UVG Spotify playlist. Thanks, @stratometaship@twitter.com & @ExaltedFuneral@twitter.com 🤘❤️

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I am almost at 300 followers, almost 5x my follower count at start of the year (60+). I'm not sure how to make of it, but thanks for following my rpg musings here in twitter.

If I ever make it passed 300, I'll release my unfinished space fantasy game, VeRB. Here's a peek.

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I'm hosting a jam! It's about writing the fictionalized experience of playing a tabletop RPG or storygame you don't think you'd otherwise get to play:


Please help me spread the word.

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I am very proud to share the analysis of the RPG Publishing Budget Survey of 2019. Please take a look and spread the word. Many thanks to all the contributors for their information which made this all possible. genesisoflegend.com/2019/11/an

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Started putting PWYW RPGs up in September. Earned enough in tips 2 months to pay for Metatopia registration. Then released an in-development RPG for $5 (being playtested this weekend at Metatopia). Earned as much in a week as the previous 2 months, then stopped selling abruptly.

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Hey I got some unexpected expenses just come up. So if you ever thought about buying a shirt or game from me, right now would be a cool time to do it.

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Apparently, the world was not clamoring for "it's like 'In Nomine' meets 'Lasers & Feelings.'" 🤷‍♂️

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