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How do you feel about games that come as a book + deck of cards, e.g. The Quiet Year or Durance?

Part 2: How do you feel about the cards being required vs. optional?

Starting tomorrow, the two VSCA titles up at are available for 50% off, just to get you to check out this alternative to The Usual Places.

My last playtest of Exhumed help me recognize a major advantage of playtesting as infrequently as I am forced to do: You can get away with changing a lot of rules when people barely remember what we did over a month ago.

Not sure how to interpret yesterday’s playtest. Players really seemed to dig some rules changes! You know, the same ones that made me inwardly go, “well, THAT didn’t work.”

Having a hard time deciding which one or two of a dozen rules I want to tweak for tomorrow's Exhumed playtest. Probably ones that don't require me to redesign the character sheet in the time I don't have, though.

I'm going to be running casual, pub night D&D, and I wonder what other people do to make this a good experience for the players.

Everyone using, thank you so much! We passed 100 users while I wasn't looking, and it's really exciting. I hope this is useful to everyone—right now it's just the bare minimum, but I want to make it more useful to you all, while keeping it as aggressively simple as I can. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do to improve it for you.

An unfinished system I hope to get back to someday, originally devised as Fate house rules:

Been thinking a lot lately about what draws me to indie RPGs, and realizing that the sweet, supportive, and progressive people in these spaces are key for me. If it weren’t for people and spaces like these, it wouldn’t matter to me how cool the games themselves are—I wouldn’t be able to get excited about them. I might not even be able to play them—as it is, I only get to play rarely. That mostly leaves talking about games, which I DO do a lot. And I wouldn’t want to talk about games with jerks.

Is the new Books app on iOS just unimaginably slow for everyone, or is it just folks like me who use it to manage a couple thousand PDFs?

I used to see new tarot based RPGs and think, "Oh no, my idea has been done!" Now that I've played enough to realize how wildly they differ, I now see so many new ones and think, "I hope someday it's as safe to assume players have a tarot deck as it is to assume they have a d20."

Very curious what happened that made my blog jump from about 10 views a day to 70 views yesterday, but's built in analytics aren't really giving many clues.

Reflecting on designing the action economy for Exhumed, and brainstorming improvements for my next playtest:

Would anybody here recommend one RPG wiki over any other? (e.g., Obsidian Portal vs. World Anvil vs. Campaign Wiki)

Thinking aloud about why I may need to take a couple steps back from my soulslike TTRPG so I can test it more effectively....

New blog post with three hacks of Eclipse Phase: last week's Black Hack version, and new versions based on Into the Odd and Spiralis (via Cthulhu Dark). Hopefully this gets the compulsion to hack this game out of my system for a while!

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